Thursday, April 9, 2015

Another Week in the CCM and a Trip to the Mexico City Visitors Center

Hello to all my amazing Family and Friends!!

My Spanish is coming along, slowly but surely! I write down all the new words I learn and I am working on Bishop Tenner's advice! I want to be fluent! That's my goal! I'm gonna take Bishops advice and replace the words I know. 

Remember me telling you about Hermana Vargas..haha about Hermana Vargas, Well I think I scared her off because she hasn't been back in a while.... haha I'm not too upset about it! And believe it or not, I have the pleasure of having 6 teachers. You heard me. They all kinda rotate days. 

My knee is back to functioning status! I can run full speed and I can do everything like normal. Except for kneel. It still hurts to do that but it's coming along nicely.

General conference was awesome!!! It was probably the first conference I actually looked forward to and enjoyed the most. I loved Jeffrey R Holland of course and Dieter, and i really liked the one about the sailor in the plane crash, L Whitney Clayton maybe? 

The Director of the CCM President Gates sent a photo of me in the classroom to my Bishop who showed it to my mom.  I'm glad the CCM director knows who I am, I feel as though I've got some serious hookups here. 

I'm relieved to hear about my pants, (My mom is sending me another pair to replace the ones that got ruined when I tore them) I miss them. They were my homies! haha just kidding, I do miss them though. 

Spiritual Stuff
As you know I have a serious temper sometimes and I beat myself up pretty bad, and sometimes when I struggle with Spanish or with class I get pretty upset.  Monday night this week I was feeling super upset and I was hot and frustrated and it was just a bad experience, so I did what I know is best and I hit my knees, well my bum cause I can't kneel, And I seriously just opened up my heart to the Lord and before I even finished my prayer, I felt so good! I felt so happy and full of the spirit. I've had some real awesome spiritual experiences here and I'm learning so much everyday! 

I know that no matter what is going on that The Lord will help you and raise you up, Go to the Lord with everything!

Today we were able to go see the Mexico City Visitors Center and the Mexico Temple.  The temple is closed but we were able to spend time in the visitors center.  It was a great day.  Enjoy the pictures!!

I love you all! Your'e the greatest!   

Love Ted

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