Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another P-day of EXERCISE!!

This week we did divisions with some other elders in our zone, the district leader and his comp. 

Chilling with Mary
There are a ton of rich people in my area.... they give us some good food though!  One of them families would be the Crickmore family that kindly gave us some big plates of some awesome spaghetti! 

That’s right President and the Sister gave us food on Friday! How cool right?? 

Elder Guerra and I have been working super hard, and we have seen some blessings for our work, we will continue to work and we won’t stop! 

I can’t believe how fast the time goes! It’s insane, we just started the cycle and now were all talking about changes again, its crazy! 

We had another day of exercise, I got to go to Chalco and play sports all day.  They made the designated goalie for soccer and I tore it up. It was pretty righteous. 
Our zone didn’t do so well in the tournament... but we had fun! 

I have been working on the whole not judging part this week, i feel like I have this problem and that i just need to see people for who they are not how they look, or smell. 

I need to just be that much more humble and willing to talk to them in the street, help them out and do my part. I know that we all could do a little bit better in this aspect! We need to see Gods children for how HE sees them!

Love you all tons!!

Love Elder Galbraith

A little friend in my house

Monday, May 30, 2016


Things are going pretty good here in Mexico. 
Elder Guerra or elder War and I are doing good! We had a trying week this week, its was kinda hard to find lessons, and it was pretty hot, but it came to my mind to give CHALLENGE a new definition.  CHALLENGE is preparation for the blessing. 
Simple and maybe silly but it has serisouly helped me out so much this week, helped me to not get down in the dumps and to be excited and to keep working. 
Every challenge that we face we need to remember that if we stay positive, the blessing will come and it will be that much sweeter. 

We have been having some challenges in the zone, with some aspects of the work, some desafios with the numbers and all that and we have been working Elder Guerra and I to motivate the zone so that they will work harder and we have been lookin for the best way to motivate them to work! Pray for us! 
Elder Guerra is super good, he works hard and everything and I get along real good with him, the only thing is that he tries that patience of mine a little bit. there are a few things we have had to work out, but we have been doing good together! 
we will have a lot of success together! 

Today we played soccer and all that, ate with some other missionaries at Subway!  We washed clothes and all that and now we are getting ready to go to one of the district meetings in the zone.  This week we are gonna have another day of excersize in the mission in Chalco. 
This coming Monday, its gonna be fun! we all bought jerseys for the zone moroni. 

Well president Alexander has a point, we need to get going with our family history work, that was the theme that we had in church this sunday and i just sat there thinking that I should

You all know how I feel about the temple. We need to be going to the temple on a regular basis! Thats a must! 
The blessings are strong and powerful but distinct for every person, so lets go! lets test it out and see how our lives improve! 

The son of the stake president has been coming with us to visit our investgator thats getting ready to baptized. 
And he always fills us in on the basketball side of the world haha! He loves basketball. 
I havent heard nothing about sports, nothing. haha, its kinda hard sometimes. 

I just want to say that life isn't easy, but its worth it. Challenges make us who we are, and we shouldn't try to avoid them, rather we should be humble and look for what God wants us to learn from these challeneges, and we should look for the way to grow and strengthen ourselves. 
thats what trials are! Opportunities to get stronger, be better, fight harder, gain faith and increase understanding of the gospel. 
With out trial we would be living in a world ruled by satans plan. 
God loves us so much we have no idea. 

I love you so so much! 

Monday, May 16, 2016


Me and mi amigo Elder Morales!!
Well this week I said goodbye to Elder Morales... this was probably the hardest goodbye of my mission!  I seriously almost cried... that dude is like another best friend in the mission.  I got along so good with him!  My new companion is very animated haha! Very funny, he is Elder Guerra, or in English Elder WAR! He’s from Peru! I am training him as a Zone leader!  He’s a good guy, and he does work hard! 

It continues to be hot here in Cuautla, but someday soon the rain will come! 

We had the leadership meeting on Friday and it was kind of boring... haha! But there was pizza again! and I got to see my other best bud Elder Camacho! he’s a zone leader too!  We talked about some rules and some new stuff going down in the mish. It was good!  We had the zone conference today! and it went really good! President Crickmore came to our meeting! He was kind enough to buy us pizza! So that was neat! 

This week I have been meditating a scripture! 
Look up Mosiah 9:17-18! it talks about a war between Nephites and Lamanites and the strength of the Lord with us, read em…they helped me out a ton this week! 

Honestly the mission has been the best thing ever; Sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve something so awesome! I feel so pumped about the mission right now! and even more about the gospel!

I know that the Gospel is true, and that Christ lives! And that we are sons and daughters of God. Let that sink in, sons and daughters of God, that’s a big deal, and that God LOVES US! 
Life can’t get better! 

Much Love! 

Elder Galbraith

Pres. Crickmore, Me, Elder Guerra and Sis. Crickmore

Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mom's Day!!

Happy Moms Day!!!

Seems like just yesterday I said goodbye to you guys! Haha...oh wait I did! Haha!  It was so good to see you guys! And might I just add that you all looked super GOOD! Very healthy, now I know that you’re all eating your Wheaties! Haha!  I am glad I was able to bear you my testimony! It felt good to share it in English, and might I just say it was hard to talk in English so much.  I felt rather odd, to put it simply!  But I felt very good with what I said.  I felt sure of it and I know it’s true. 

The day after I talked with the family, I was studying in my chair and I opened the BOM and I started reading in Alma 47 and I was praying too and just felt so strongly the spirit, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!  I was sooooo stoked to see all the family together! Grandpas, Dad, Aunts and Uncles, and all them! It made me happy! That is how the eternity will be! With all the people I love most! 

So it happened...changes came. 
They are sending Elder Morales away.... I will miss him!  He is one of my favorite companions! He so awesome!  I stay here in the same area but I will be receiving a new Elder and I don’t know anything about him, so y'all got to tune in next week to find out! 
Almost the whole zone had changes!  Every single companionship actually!  Crazy right! Haha!! Oh those darn changes! 

We baptized a 16 year old kid on Saturday, and this kid is powerful.  He has had it rough, and already knows the gospel better than me, now that is a convert!  He is super happy and super ready to get out on the mission! 

The hot season is almost over!  I have gotten somewhat used to it but its still killer!  Then comes the rain!  And surely I will want to have it hot again, such is life, I shouldn’t complain! 

I am super happy right now; life is good and getting better! I know things will be alright. 
I actually gave a talk in church yesterday and I gave it on the first vision. 
I read from JSH and talked about how if we follow the invitation that our Heavenly Father makes to us we will always be alright, and in no part does it say that it will be easy just that we will be accepted into a light brighter than the sun.  We will have His power and His love, but we need to listen to and accept his son Jesus Christ!  There is no other way.  So we accept him and then what? WE SHARE IT!!! with everyone.  We open our mouths and we share it, so that others know that it will be alright, we know it and they need to know it. The end. 

I love you all so much! 

Elder Galbraith

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hoorah For Israel!!

Well…We did find a new place for them sisters.....They took my old area... and we got to take theirs. It was kind of hard leaving all my investigators and good friends in that ward behind, and I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I get to trust in the Lord.  If i don’t trust Him I got nothing. I know that He has something special in store for me and Elder Morales here!  My new area is called Oaxtepec.  Good luck pronouncing that one! Oaxtepec, Morelos. 

My highlight this week has been living in a new house without light.... that has been kind of fun!  Also, we have a bunch of cockroaches...haha!  We have gotten lost a bunch of times too! That’s the fun of opening a new area! 

Today we took all the Elders and some sisters to tour a huge catholic church that has mummies.... it was kind of creepy and really sad. I don’t know why we decided on that, but it was fun to hang out with all the people in the zone!! 

This week I have been working really hard to work on my repentance process, and to try to feel the spirit.  It is utterly crucial that we feel the spirit.  He will guide us and direct us if only we will listen and pay attention, but that’s the key, paying attention, because if we don’t we will miss those wonderful opportunities to know our Heavenly Father a little bit more! I have been praying like crazy this week.

I have also learned a ton about serving others.  We need to be more focused on giving than receiving.  Our power from God comes easier when we are in the service of others! 

I love you all so much.  Keep that chin up, and fight harder than last week!!! Keep working your hardest in the work of the Lord, in your callings, on your relation with Jesus, and in gaining the attributes of Jesus Christ! 

Hoorah for Israel!!


Elder Galbraith