Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Another P-day of EXERCISE!!

This week we did divisions with some other elders in our zone, the district leader and his comp. 

Chilling with Mary
There are a ton of rich people in my area.... they give us some good food though!  One of them families would be the Crickmore family that kindly gave us some big plates of some awesome spaghetti! 

That’s right President and the Sister gave us food on Friday! How cool right?? 

Elder Guerra and I have been working super hard, and we have seen some blessings for our work, we will continue to work and we won’t stop! 

I can’t believe how fast the time goes! It’s insane, we just started the cycle and now were all talking about changes again, its crazy! 

We had another day of exercise, I got to go to Chalco and play sports all day.  They made the designated goalie for soccer and I tore it up. It was pretty righteous. 
Our zone didn’t do so well in the tournament... but we had fun! 

I have been working on the whole not judging part this week, i feel like I have this problem and that i just need to see people for who they are not how they look, or smell. 

I need to just be that much more humble and willing to talk to them in the street, help them out and do my part. I know that we all could do a little bit better in this aspect! We need to see Gods children for how HE sees them!

Love you all tons!!

Love Elder Galbraith

A little friend in my house

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