Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Love Missionary Work, the Church and Jesus Christ, I know He lives!

Well yet again I will say that it does not feel very Christmasy here in Chalco! I have almost forgotten that it’s almost Christmas. But I can always remember Christ more! I have been trying to remember Him more these days! That’s what it’s all about anyways! I was walking through the center of Chalco last night and they had set up some like fake snow machines and it was all in my face and hair and all that. It almost felt like a legit Christmas! It was pretty dang cool! 

Being in a country that isn’t that big on Christmas has made it actually lots easier to focus on Christ. There isn't so much attention on gifts and Santa and all that. I have been able to watch a couple Christmas videos about Jesus and his life and it’s made Christmas more CHRISTmasy! We have been trying to do more service to help people out more, after all we’re just trying to bring a little more joy to the world! 

Thank you all so much for your support. Please keep me in your prayers; I am in a time of the mission when it’s just a Ted Bit harder to focus! (hahahaha) But I just need a little more umf to stay focused! 

For Christmas Elder Reading and I have a ton of work to do.  We are seeing challenges in our area, finding new investigators, and having them progress has made it difficult for us. We are not discouraged. I know that as we strive we will have success! It’s hard for me because I am not used to being out of my area so much but we have been planning the Christmas activity, leadership meetings, changes and the new kids, visas and a ton of stuff. It’s been just a little crazy for time.  But I remain positive! Things are going very good here! 

Elder Reading and I made a Christmas card; it’s kind of more just like a funny card that says Merry Christmas! Ha-ha it’s kind of funny! 

I just want to testify of the truth of the church! It’s true.  We can see it, how the Lord works, miracles and all the amazing stuff he does for us! I know Jesus Christ lives and guides and always invites us to repent and be better!  I know that Christmas is to remember Jesus Christ, and I have tried hard to remember him! I love the work, the church and Jesus Christ, I know he lives!

Elder Galbraith 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Work, Work,Work!

Well I am getting used to the new job. Really doesn't have much to it.  Just basically help make Presidents life easier. We report with the zone leaders, take numbers, give trainings to the mission, coordinate the changes, planning activities and all that jazz.  It’s mostly just office work! In the morning we are almost always here in the offices, so we can only do missionary work in the afternoon.  It is definitely different than other positions I have been assigned! It’s true we travel through the mission…a lot.  It’s a little time consuming.  That’s the new challenge, learning to manage time wisely here, it’s very important here in order to preach! 

My area is pretty big, but its pure condominiums. All the houses are the same! It’s also the biggest ward in the mission, it’s called Vicente Guerrero. The ward mission leader is pretty cool, one of the best i have had, that’s for sure. We had to take the missionaries that finished their missions to the airport, and we took them to Presidents house for the last dinner, it’s like a tradition that those who finish the mission eat the last night in president’s house. We also had one missionary who got hurt playing ball and had to go home for surgery.... So we spent a lot of time in the airport this week. That part I don’t like so much! Best part would be the house, its super cool! Or my mattress, it’s an orthopedic mattress and it’s amazing, or maybe the new phone. It’s a Samsung galaxy touch. It’s pretty cool! 

Being assistant has opened my eyes a little bit to the disobedience.  I won’t say much, Just that it would be so much easier to just OBEY!!!  Obey what our Loving Father in Heaven has told us to do! 

Ha-ha yeah I am in the offices a lot more so I actually sign for a lot more packages that come in! I just so happened to be here the other day when a package came in for ME! Cool huh??? I haven’t hung up the tree yet that the family sent, because today we spent some hours cleaning the very, very dirty mission house..... It was disgusting; I am trying to clean it regularly now. 

I have been trying to teach the members how to give references, because they are much more efficient than street contacts, some members give and some just plain don’t.  We get to work with members here sometimes and its kind of weird cause some members depend completely on the missionaries and it shouldn’t be that way, in our house at home I think they visited us like 3 times.... But we are trying to teach them to be self-reliant, that’s something we have been working on this week! To help the members out! They need them missionaries too! 

We are working hard and giving in a lot of effort! We will be baptizing soon, we just got to resurrect the area a little…but we will get there! 

Sometimes we make mistakes, sometimes others make mistakes, I don’t like it when someone messes up and I see people belittling that person, or not helping them out, let’s not be that guy.  When someone messes up we need to be the person that is there for them, helping them to stand back up again! When we mess up, we can always count on the divine help of our Savior.  He will be there and he won’t belittle us, He loves us way to much! 

I love you so much! 
The Church is true! 

Elder Galbraith 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Changes, A New Comp, A Trip to the CCM!

Well I want to ask for an apology, I won’t be able to write really all that much today. Changes came this week and my number is up.  President Zapata talked to me a few weeks ago, for my last 2 cycles in the mission I will be one of his assistants. Totally unexpected, I do not feel ready at all. I feel a little nervous about this, and a bit unfit. But I know that Heavenly Father has called me and I will do everything I can.  I will need your help and prayers.   I actually took over the offices last night.  This morning we went to the CCM/MTC to pick up the new missionaries that got here! Keep the new guys in your prayers!  They remind me a lot of me! There are 3 here from Utah!! I got the chance to go back to the CCM after almost 20 months... It has changed A LOT!! 

When we got back to the offices we bought pizza for the new elders and the new sister, and they are being interviewed by President Zapata right now so I took the opportunity to write a few words to my family and friends to let you now that I am doing good! My new calling will be great! A lot of responsibility but I know that the Lord has called me here! I will still need your prayers though! 

This weekend Elder Draper and I baptized 3 of our investigators! Zuri, Olivia, and Marisela all got baptized! I seriously felt strongly the spirit in the baptisms! It was awesome!  They all got confirmed on Sunday! I had the opportunity to confirm Marisela! When I partook of the sacrament, I seriously felt the spirit SOOOO strong, and I felt the impression, that without a single doubt, This is the true church of Jesus Christ, He lives, He died for us and he has given us everything we could possibly need to be successful in this life and to win the eternal life! 

My new Companion is Elder Reading! He’s from Washington! Ha-ha another American! He will be my last companion, he is also my first comp from my generation, Me and him get along super great and I have been AP for like a few hours and we are already making some great plans for the mission!  I feel very good about all this. 

My new area is in Chalco, it’s called Vicente Guerrero! This is where I will finish the mission.

I love you all so much, Keep your heads up and keep up the good work!! 
La iglesia es la verdadera!! 

Elder Galbraith

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sun, Blessings and Mission Life. I Love it Here in Mexico!!

Well…You guys got snow! I got sun! Haha! That’s so crazy! I feel as if i haven’t seen snow in an eternity! It’s weird to see snow after so long, enjoy it! 

I wish I had studied a little more about the priesthood before the mish, and that I had taken it more serious too. It’s seriously such a blessing to hold the priesthood. Members here in Mexico prefer to have the Elders give them blessings than their own members. It’s weird but a blessing. I love the members here; it’s seriously the best place someone could serve a mission! I love it! I sometimes consider myself Mexican! Shhhh ha-ha!  This Sunday I had to opportunity to give a blessing to one of my favorite member friends, who is having a difficult time lately, I felt the spirit pretty intense Sunday! 

Speaking of blessings…BOOM! Miracles huh?! Rousy Ramirez a member here in Mexico City was in Provo UT and visited with my mother this week.  I remember her! Hermana Ramirez I called her! That family rocks! They fed me sooooo much food! I love those guys! Haha she and I talked a ton about Provo and Orem and all the good places to eat and all that. I promised her that I would go look for her brother Jaime after my mission! I still plan on it! I remember helping her daughter get ready for her baptism too!! I also remember the blessing I gave her family member, goes to show you how important are the things we do sometimes, because I had never thought that the blessing I gave was so significant for her. I am glad to know that my little efforts have really helped people.  I think i might be getting a little teary writing this.  That makes me feel good. 

This week we made one final effort to get our investigators baptized, and there will be success! We had 3 interviews for baptisms for our 3 investigators on Sunday! Zuri, Olivia, and Marisela! I felt so happy leaving church that day!  Saturday they will be getting baptized! Pray for them still, they need them! Zuri and Saul will get married and tie the knot on Thursday! 

My letter to the MP this week…

Well this week was a very special one! Elder Draper and I brought our 3 investigators to their baptismal interviews on Sunday! The 3 will be baptized the next Saturday! I feel very very happy for them, and because they are getting baptized. I love this work. I know that we will baptize and baptize and baptize!

The area is going well too, we will see several baptisms in the coming weeks. I feel very happy for the work that we are seeing here in the area this cycle. The District Leaders are very good and I am very happy to be able to say that they are going to be area leaders in a future day.
President, I appreciate you very much and thank you for everything you do for us, I know that His work is many things that we do not see and I thank Jesus Christ for everything.
Keep praying for us!

Well that is my letter for this week!

I know the Church is true, because Jesus Christ lives! 
I know my Redeemer lives!!!!!

Elder Galbraith 

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, Changes are Coming!

Well to start off, Happy Thanksgiving! I completely forgot again..... I feel kinda dumb. It slipped my mind again. But I don’t need a holiday to know what I am thankful for.  I am thankful for my Savior, more than anything, and second my family.  I am also grateful for the grand plan of happiness, the restoration and the gospel, all of it. I love it!  

Sounds like you guys heard a pretty good talk the other day then! I love that part about bucking up and doing the hard thing, I love it! But we shouldn’t see it as a hard thing; i see it as a challenge, like let me at it!  So we can get better! It’s got to be done sometimes. Speaking of Pres. Crickmore, he always taught us that he prayed for us to have challenges so that we could learn to grow and become men, something I have never forgotten, he prayed challenges to come over us so we could get better, stronger, and more faithful. He taught me tons! 

I also heard some great talks this weekend, it was take conference here in Estaca Solidaridad, an area 70 came, Elder MirĂ³n, he talked about being self-reliant, and about the importance of our own testimony.  We all need to have our own testimony. He talked about reading specifically in the scriptures to be able to receive guidance and instruction about how to get a testimony! I felt the spirit strong!! It was AWESOME! 

Also this week I learned about the Faith.  President Zapata, in the leadership meeting, talked about faith.  He told a story of an Apostle…when he was a mission president he had a missionary that always baptized, in every area. So he sent him as Zone leader to an area where there weren’t baptisms for years, and the elder said to the president that he didn’t believe it, that he refused to believe it and the elder promised to baptize 25 people before the 25th of that month.  He didn’t baptize 25 but he baptized 18! The first 18 people to get baptized there in 6 years!!  Faith is powerful, if we have it centered in Christ! 

I was reading in D&C and I don’t remember where, sorry.... but I read that we need to trust in God better than in the people, I think in like section 3. He taught Joseph Smith a lesson about trusting more in Him than in man, he’s got a point.  I love the D&C! 

This week we did an activity to talk to people in the street. We focused on doing it efficiently, and the truth i loved it, the Elders loved it too!  We had some success! I love this zone! 

Don’t you all worry I am focused and I am working, I love the work! I love being a missionary! It’s the best life! And no, it’s not hard, it’s not a sacrifice; it’s just what God wants. That is not a sacrifice! It’s a blessing, a blessing so big I cannot believe that they give it out so easily to us, the opportunity to serve the Lord, what better could it be? I love it! 

I will be given a new assignment in the next changes, I already know my new area and comp, and I will be needing your prayers!   

I love y’all so so so much! I know that the Church is true! 
I know Jesus Christ lives!! 

Elder Galbraith 

P.S. The pictures are throw back from a previous comp but I thought I would share!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Some of my best friends who are also Zone Leaders
Well the rundown of the week: 
We had a ton of juntas, sorry meetings, this week.... which is always kind of…whatever, because I’d rather be working. We had 2 meetings with one of the area presidency here in Mexico, Elder Rafael E Pino. He is pretty cool, super spiritual too! Turns out that Elder Pino and his wife have a house super close to ours too! How crazy is that? One of our neighbors is an authority!!! Behave yourselves now!  He talked about working more efficiently, and how working hard but not efficient is like cutting down a tree with an axe that doesn’t have the blade sharpened. It made sense. We have talked, Elder Draper and I about what things we can do better, and have decided that we need to rely on the spirit more. He will guide us. Also that we need to have more lessons in the church. More friends for our investigators that can visit them without us being there, so this week we got tons to do! 

Today Elder Draper and I gave our zone conference to the zone Helaman! We did it differently today, it was pretty short, but we all read the talk “Through the Eyes of the Lord” by Dale G Renlund and talked about love towards our investigators. It was probably the most spiritual conference we have given in the mission.  It was awesome! I personally have been praying tons for this change in me, and it is taking effect. 

Letter to my MP!!

Well today I have to say that our zone meeting was one of my favorites. I felt the spirit super powerful today in the meeting.  I feel that we made progress with our Elders.  Again I stressed the importance of love, and I testify of the words of Moroni, “If we do not have charity we are nothing.” We have the best mission area here in Helaman! I love Valle de Chalco. I feel very happy with the district leaders we have here, they are very good. I am also happy for the obedience of the elders, there are always improvements to be made but I am very pleased with what I have seen lately. Thank you very much for everything President, we love you very much here in Helaman. VIVA CHALCO

One of my best friends in Mexico Brother Beto!
I want to testify that I know that the Church is true. It makes me happy to be able to say that I was raised in this Church by a faithful Mom. That means so much more to me now. You got no idea. I know that Jesus Christ lives, I have been able to feel His healing power so much, I know what the Atonement is now, and I have a testimony about it. I know that My Redeemer Lives!! 

Elder Galbraith

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Love the Mission!!

Well this week was pretty darn cool. Elder Draper and I have been working hard. 
We have been thinking about some stuff we needed to adjust…The attitude. If we have a positive attitude, it’s because we have faith in our savior and His eternal plan. If we have a good attitude, we will focus on the positive, the blessings and we will bring the positive into our life. It’s simply how Christ would do it. We have been working on our attitude. 

I have been thinking lately about our example to others. Being a leader I understand that it’s not all about numbers, not about stats. Being a leader is someone that can better others by simply being there. We should look for the opportunity to better others and inspire and uplift them. I have felt lately that I need to do better in this aspect! 

It doesn’t matter the circumstance, we can have a good attitude. I believe completely in those words! 

In this week I have worked very hard to feel the spirit and to have a better spiritual experience, I have been praying much to be able to understand the spirit. I can honestly say that I have felt such a difference; the spirit has been much stronger this week. I want to have this feeling always; i know i got to work a little harder with the spirit. We all do! 

We are working pretty hard with some investigators; their names are Zuri, Olivia, and Saul. Saul is a member already is getting active just barely, but him and Zuri need to get married, we have met with the judge and we are going with them tomorrow to make an appointment for their wedding.  They are super stoked! I can see that they are suuuuper happy to get baptized. Keep them in your prayers!

Another on is Maricela, mother of a recent convert, wants to get baptized but she has some problems with the swearing..... She is trying really hard but she needs some help. 
We are having such great success here, I love the mission, and I love this area! 

Update: Another general authority is coming to the mission on Wednesday. Elder Pino, I don’t remember his first name... but it’ll be a great experience! I am excited!!!!

I have a testimony. I have decided to simply believe. I got on my knees, and I asked for an answer. I got one.  I know it’s true, but that’s not enough I know that the testimony is always growing or shrinking, I want to always strengthen it, and we should always remember our spiritual experiences! 

I know this church is true, I know my Redeemer lives! 

Elder Galbraith

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween in Mexico?!?

Eating on P-day
First off, sorry for the grammatical errors, I am Mexican now, and this computer stinks....:)

Second, I love being a missionary!!! 

Ha-ha I can’t believe its Halloween, Halloween sucks in Mexico. There are just a bunch of little stores that they put and sell candy and disguises and stuff.  I do miss the holidays with the fam!  Those were the days! My family this Halloween will be Elder Draper, has a pretty cool brother! Ha-ha! 

I was asked the other day what I thought about the upcoming election…the truth, I don’t care who wins. It’s how the world has come to be that’s just how it will be.  It doesn’t affect my happiness nor my testimony.  Jesus Christ is the one that really govern the world, that’s who really matters.  I think we should try to focus on Him more in these days.  I never gave Him the importance that I should have before my mission, but now and forever more I will! 

It is very important that we have a testimony I can testify of that.  Our testimony is what will tell us that we are okay, it is what will keep us firmly planted when times get tough.  Something I have learned on the mission is that our testimony does not stuff at one level for much time, its either constantly growing or dying, and our actions are what determine the outcome. 
Hey I need to ask y'all to remember my friend Miguel Juarez and the Juarez Family.  Miguel was my Ward Mission Leader in Xico, and his little sister has been sick with cancer for a long time, and yesterday she passed away.  Hits pretty close to home right? Please remember this family in your prayers! 

This week I would like to testify of love and obedience.  I have been trying to love an elder that is a little difficult, and yesterday we talked and little by little I came to understand his situation more, oh and I have been praying for him lately. I felt lots of the spirit in that moment.  Friends I cannot stress enough that we don’t understand people and their situations, but it doesn’t matter, we got to love em! 

I also testify that the love of our savior is more than what we can come to understand.

Yesterday we were talking about the gathering of the house of Israel and the teacher testified and said, I know this church is true, for those of you who don’t know it, think, do you really think missionaries would come to Mexico of all places, to teach us about Jesus.  It hit home, I felt the spirit strong. 

The church is true, Jesus Lives and I know it!   

Elder Galbraith

Eating Breakfast with the Elders

Monday, October 24, 2016

Changes again.....

A good friend of mine Elder Davis, this guy is a champ!!
Well…Elder Draper and I have had a somewhat stressful cycle here.  We have struggled to find investigators, and we have walked a lot.  We found some very good investigators this weekend.  I felt the spirit with them. I could truly feel love for them.  I have been trying harder to feel love for the people, trying to put myself in their shoes. I have been looking for ways to serve and help others. 

And then guess what? They told us that we got changes.... YUP!!  Elder Draper and I will still be companions but they are changing the zone leader´s area!  We will no longer be in Xico; we will still be serving in Valle de Chalco but in another area called Anahuac. It’s actually super close to Xico…so we will actually keep going to the same chapel and everything, so it worked out pretty good, not too bad huh??? :)

Some thoughts I have had this week: 
1) We shouldn’t ever judge or criticize our leaders. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes of our leaders in the church. 
2) We need to stop complaining. Our lives are too good. I see things here every day that make me wonder how it is that I can complain about how hard my life is!  Some people here don’t even have a house to themselves and I complain about having shiny shoes and stuff. 

I say this because this week we have been a little frustrated we some of the decisions that our leaders have made in the mission here.  We kind of started to complain and bag on them. But recently I have understood that this is not what God would want. We need to trust in God´s plan.  It’s perfect and I am not someone that can oppose what my Father wants. I have been praying to try and understand his will more in my life. 

I am working hard here. Something I have learned to love is the person I have become, and I have become that person because of turning my life over to Him. 
I know the church is true, I know that the BOM is true, and I know that my Redeemer lives. 

Elder Galbraith 

Saying goodbye to some of the elders in the Helaman Zone

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Love, FUN, and more Hard Work

First off sorry for writing so late, we had the day of sports for the mission and it finished tardy.

For the family…Heck yeah I’d like to get me some ornaments for Christmas! It makes Christmas better here!! I need something to make it more like Christmas! So go ahead and send me em! I would like that. 

And don’t y'all worry; I will always keep Grandma and Pops in my prayers! I always pray for my family!! Y’all after all the best family in the world!! 

Helaman Zone!
We had another day of sports in the mission, and this time my zone won!!! We only lost one game, and we took the trophy home. So that’s cool.  We had a race to start the day off, and i won it.  I know it’s got nothing to do with the work and the mission but I just thought you’d like to know, brag to the grandparents a lil :) HA-HA!  It was super fun, and the elders were able to play all day.  I saw them happier, not so stressed out, so that was good! 

Conference talks rock! I love the spirit that they bring, they inspire and uplift me. They are great! The conference past I loved the talk by J Devin Cornish. I love it; I can’t stop thinking about it! Those talks are scripture too, and we should always STUDY, the scriptures! 

This week I learned from a member here that always goes with us to teach and work.  He gave us some advice to invite people to listen right away. Sometimes we have gotten caught up in making appointments and waiting until next week. Sometimes God doesn’t want his children to wait anymore, we gotta teach them babies right now!! So we have been working on inviting the people to listen right now.  We have been sharing more in the street, sharing as much as we can with the time that we have been given! We gotta take advantage!! 

Elder Draper and I have been pretty good…talking to each other and helping each other out with the obedience.  We have been able to communicate pretty well and that is always key in the companionship! Even though he is American we talk in Spanish mostly but sometimes Spanglish. I want to master Spanish, so I talk mostly in Spanish.

I was given some advice about the elders in my zone who have been struggling with disobedience.  I have been thinking about what I was told about loving, truly loving the elders. I gave it some thought and prayer, and decided they’re right.  So I have been working on it this week. I have felt better. It’s true, they just need some help. Some love. 
I will keep working on it and let you know how it goes.  We all need to love more! 
Letter to President Zapata!
Well thank you very much President for everything! The sports day was super FUN! I loved could win my last sports day.
I want to tell you that I have been praying a lot to have more love for the elders of the Helaman Zone. It has helped me a lot! We adjusted several things of our work here, and we have had several good results. It never ceases to amaze me and brighten the mission. I am very happy here, and I will continue working on having love and patience.
We love you President and thank you again for everything! Elder Galbraith
I know this the truth, I feel very uplifted every time I read from the Book of Mormon.  I have felt the love of God in my life.  I can receive revelation.  I give a special witness of the Truth of The Church of Jesus Christ, because I know that He lives, I know it! 

I love y’all! 

Elder Galbraith

Elder Branson Brotherson! He is from Provo, Utah and went to Timpview! He's awesome! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

This Week Rocked!

Well I am super glad that things have been going so well with you guys! That seriously makes me so happy!  Keep yourselves busy! I am always busy and I have learned its better like that! 

Well this week rocked! 
We had our leadership conference! And this time they took us to some pyramids in Cuautla. We had to hike a long distance and it was pretty steep too!  But it was suuuuper fun! There are some animals up there and the stinking buggers stole my chips!  Ha-ha! But the pyramid was super cool! While up there President Zapata and the Assistants taught us about how to be better leaders and how to follow better.  It was honestly such a spiritual experience and I learned a ton!  We then on Monday (today) had our zone conference.  We have several disobedient elders in the zone. Elder Draper and I had to talk super straightforward with some of them; we had a pretty good meeting.  I felt the spirit a lot. 

Animals that stole my chips!
I learned this week that we gotta learn how to follow the Lord before we can be leaders; all of the greatest leaders have been great leaders because of their devotion to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. We can learn a lot more about how to follow Christ and by doing so, be better leaders. I learned that I need to improve a lot. I need to focus more on following Christ. We all need to follow him more; having said that it came to my mind this phrase from a General conference from years ago: it’s more important to walk how He walked than to walk where he walked. 
Let’s do it!!!

Solo quiero decirles que la Iglesia es la iglesia verdadera! 
I know that this church is true. 
You all are awesome! 

Don’t ever underestimate your divine potential; we are sons and daughters of God. 

Elder Galbraith 


Elder Draper and me!

Fun at the Pyramid...crazy animals!

Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference and Hard Work!!

My previous comp E Rod and myself

Well to start off I have to say that I loved Conference! It ROCKED!! It made me feel pretty cool! One thing that stood out…It went by too fast!! What in the world? 
I remember that it couldn’t go by fast enough before. What changed? I paid attention! I loved the talk by Elder Cornish
Am I good enough? 
Will I make it? 
The answer is YES!! 
We are good enough, we will make it! 
Simple but I loved it. I am sometimes a little hard on myself, and that talk helped me a ton! I as well like the talk by Elder Uceda.  It made a lot more sense to me, being a zone leader, having to care for lots of elders.  And I loved hearing about the spirit. 

I loved the focus on prayer that conference had. 
I learned that I need to improve my personal prayers! 
I have become too casual in my prayers, and have not been having the best talks with my Padre Celestial that I could have been having. 
I have changed a few things and with just a few things I have felt the difference!

This is how the week went…Let’s move on Elder. 
Ha-ha I feel like that is what Elder Draper and I told ourselves all week…Let’s move on Elder. We had a week that turned out to be a little more stressful than others! 
A view of our city!
We keep looking and looking and had a little harder time finding new investigators. We didn’t have too many lessons.  But every day we came home feeling good, knowing that we had worked hard.  We looked and preached.  I remembered the whole week that it doesn’t matter.  I will continue and continue until the Lord says we will teach. 
I remembered that sometimes it will be hard because Salvation is not a cheap experience! 

We will keep pushing on. Like Job, that dude had it rough…I might even say his life sucked for a little bit ( sorry if that came off strong) And he never got mad at God, he never went apostate. He knew who he was, and who his Father was. 
He was not confused about his identity!  We will keep pushing on.

I love the gospel and amo a mi familia (translation…I love my family)!!!
We will be together for eternity! 

Elder Galbraith 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Obedience, A Crater and Alejandro!!

Things are going good here in Valle de Chalco!  Not as good as you guys though! or maybe better???? Haha who knows! 

So just an FYI...
Elder Draper is super cool! it’s a constant party with him! I have had pure awesome companions!  We have been working hard. We baptized Alejandro Vazquez! It was super cool! He got confirmed too, so it’s a done deal!  I felt the spirit super strong in his confirmation and couldn’t help but think that it’s true. The gospel is true, the church is true, and I know it.  That is one miracle that we saw this week or one blessing of this week! 

So this week I was a little stressed with some of the District Leaders. I was reading and found this scripture, D&C 3:2-3, check that bad boy out, that’s some good stuff. 
I learned a lot about it, we choose to get frustrated, and we need to choose not to! 
Frustration is not one of the feelings of the spirit! 

This week we went to a giant crater in our area! It’s on the other side of the hill we have, it was pretty cool!  We have been working hard and we have had some trouble keeping investigators in the teaching pool.  We have been trying several tactics, and we had our multi-zone conference too.  We have been giving our best effort and I know that we will find some investigators; we just got to keep trying.  Pray that I can have the diligence to keep looking! 

They have been emphasizing obedience here in the mission. So we too have been cracking down on the obedience here in the zone.  We don’t like none of that disobedience crap here! GIT R DUN! Ha-ha Larry-the-Cable Guy!  Let’s always try to be obedient, it is the only true way to have agency, to sin is to be subject to the consequences of sin. 

I testify that the church is true! It’s the truth. I testify that repentance is the only way we can truly present ourselves before God clean and pure! The church is true! 

Elder Galbraith! 

Monday, September 19, 2016

New Comp, Mexican Independence Day and More Hard Work!!

Saying goodbye to Elder Morales
Well another week come and gone! They go by pretty darn fast here. This week was a blazing hot one.... one week it rains and the other it burns…wish Mexico would make up its mind! ha-ha!

This week was the first one with Elder Draper! He is super cool! I love having an American comp! Its super fun, we understand stuff on the same level! Ha-ha! So that’s cool! He’s from Idaho so he understands pretty well the Utah way of life!  We get along super good! We've know each other since we started the mission; we were in the same zone together.

This week the work went super good! We have been working hard again and have seen several miracles this week. This week for changes and for the Mexican independence day it was a little difficult for the work. We had to go home early and so we just chilled in the house listening to music, we cleaned a little, and then watched a missionary movie, then went to bed, the  truth...BORING! I would have preferred working! Mexican Independence Day is kind of crazy, but weird, they don’t even care all that much, they barely even celebrate it!  They just stay up late drinking and throwing fireworks! That’s it... oh and FYI, I didn’t sleep very well that night.
Elder Draper and Me

Elder Draper and I have been working and we have found another baptism! This Saturday one of our investigators will get baptized at 6pm, his name is Alejandro Vazquez; keep him and his family in your prayers!
I learned this week about service…some elders didn’t have beds in their house, so we helped the elders with their beds and I felt super cool to help them out like that! Elder Draper came to the area with diarrhea so I got to help him out a little bit, and I felt happy to serve him. I learned that we need to truly love our neighbor, like unto ourselves, and more. If we don’t have charity we don’t have anything, we need to love more, and the rest will make sense, I have been trying harder to love the people here! It hard, but it’s coming along!

I can testify that the Lord knows what is best for us and if we trust in him 100 percent he will take care of us and lead us to the success we want in the life. I have learned to trust in him more and more with the passing time here in the mission! He knows best! I can also testify of the Book of Mormon, IT’S TRUE! Read it!

Tell the fam I say hey! And that I love them!
I love you all!  Keep up the good work.

Elder Galbraith

Being Silly

Monday, September 12, 2016

Changes, a Baptism and Greenies from Utah!

I want to let you all know that changes came, and I was not called this time, but Elder Morales was.... I will miss him, but he will be going to the exact same area where I was just barely in Oaxtepec in Cuautla! Haha crazy right??  I will be staying in Xico and I am still going to a Zone leader as well.  My next comp is actually an American! He is from Idaho! His name is Elder Draper and I know him from a long time ago in Ayotla! So we are already good buds! How cool right?? I am excited for these changes! 

We had another baptism this week! Believe it or not, they are Americans! From Mesa, Arizona, living in Valle de Chalco. They are all members, but the daughter never got baptized.  Now they are all members!! Jocelynn got baptized!  I feel pretty happy for them! 

Well I have learned that we can’t expect blessing from the Lord if we aren’t reading the scriptures. There are many people who pray for blessings or pray for answers, but don’t read the scriptures. We simply can’t expect blessings if we don’t fulfill our duty and our promise with the Lord. My life makes a lot more sense now that I have been reading the scriptures regularly. I have been able to feel the spirit so much stronger. It’s honestly a blessing to have the scriptures, a blessing that we take for granted sometimes. 

We had to go to the offices today and we found all the new missionaries there! Ha-ha! They all look so.... new! And green! Ha-ha I know that I looked that way when I got here.  I met 2 new Elders from Utah.  One of them is from Provo! He went to Timpview! I don’t remember his name though....I love how excited the new elders are!  They all bring new love and excitement to the work. 

This week I have been pondering much. I got bored with the routine a couple times. And in my studies I was reading in first Nephi, when Lehi was reading the brass plates about his linage and all that, and I learned very clearly from the spirit, they were willing to risk their lives for those plates, they had better be very important. Then it dawned on me, they had to have read those plates like 50 times, but it was the same thing over and over.  That is the beauty of the gospel.  It might seem to be the same thing, but I can testify that there is always something new and marvelous to find.  The spirit will teach us and show us those things, but we have to open to it.  I have tried harder to pay attention to the spirit and to ponder the words.  It has changed my perspective. 

I have also come to the shocking knowledge of my time as a missionary, which saddens me, it’s too fast! But I realized how little the time is.  Whether we are in a mission, or at home, at work, or wherever we are, we need to take advantage of our time there.  We will waste our time if we are constantly thinking that tomorrow will be better, no, right now is perfect and we need to make it that way.  We have been given much to appreciate it, not to wait until the next one.

I love you! 
I know that my Savior lives! 

Elder Galbraith