Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Really Cool Personal Experience!

Well guess what... my district just got bigger... they added another companionship! Cool right? They’re more sisters!  So now i have 8 sisters to be in charge of... trial in patience, but still tons of fun!  I will definitely need to apply kindness, which is something I need to improve. 

Elder Avery fell asleep on the bus! BIG MISTAKE
Boooooooom!!!! Que se ganen! I hope they win!!! That’s sooooo coool! I just wish I could see it.... oh well, life is life.  Now we just need the Jazz to go to the finals!!! 
Ha-ha way to go Peyton! He’s hungry! 

It’s true we teach repentance and baptize converts!  I have truly seen what repentance can do for people, yesterday I had the pleasure to interview a man who is getting ready to be baptized in the area of the sisters in my district and we talked for a good hour, oh and this was my first interview, and he told about how he has felt Gods love because he repented and how much he loves the way he feels in this church. 

Alma 22:16 is one of my favorite scriptures on repentance. 

I have decided that I want to go to the temple a lot.  I want to go to the SLC temple and the new one in Provo, and lots more.  I am super happy that you guys get to go to the temples! The temple truly is the house of God, and in February we will have the opportunity to go to the temple again!!! 

So here’s what I wrote to President Crickmore this week: 

Muchas gracias por su apoyo y ayuda con la entrevista ayer, debido a que fue mi primera estaba un poco nervioso, pero me calmé completamente al hablar con usted. 
Sentí el espíritu fuerte en la entrevista, fue una experiencia muy especial. 
Tengo una experiencia mas muy padre que le gustaría compartirle toda esta semana pasada he estado un poco enfermo, de dolor de cabeza y diarrea... pero ya no, pero en esta semana yo prometí el Señor a salir y trabajar sin embargo y en un punto estaba bien doloroso mi cabeza, y simplemente yo pedí al señor que me aliviara. Antes de que yo pudiera terminar de orar el dolor se fue, como si fuera un botón o algo. Fue algo que me permitió a seguir trabajando, después de un tiempo volvió el dolor e hice lo mismo, y se fue, este vez, no regresó.   
Presidente, yo se con certeza que Mi padre Celestial me ama, y que Jesucristo me ama tambien, esta es la verdadera, de esa estoy convencido. 

Thank you very much for your support and help with the interview yesterday.   I was nervous because it was my first, but I completely calmed down after talking to you.
I felt a strong spirit in the interview; it was a very special experience.
I have a really cool experience I would like to share with you.  All this last week I've been a little sick, headache and diarrhea ... but not anymore!  This week I promised the Lord to go out and work however at one point my headache was very painful.  It hurt so bad that I prayed and just asked God to relieve me. Before I could finish praying the pain was gone, like a switch or something. It was something that allowed me to keep working.  After a while the pain returned and I did the same thing, and the same thing happened only this time it did not return.
President, I was certain that my Heavenly Father loves me, and that Jesus Christ loves me too, this is real, of that I am convinced!

Elder Galbraith 

This week I have had a little bit of diarrhea and headaches but I have prayed a lot, and received a blessing.  You will all read this in what I wrote to president Crickmore but I had such pain in my head at one point that I almost couldn’t stand it, so I prayed and before I could finish the prayer, as if I had flipped a switch it went away.  It came back after a couple hours and I repeated the process, and got the same results, but this time it did not come back! 
I have felt very good since then, so please do not worry, it is all good now, and I am well taken care of here in Mexico! Life is good, I am healthy, I have the truth, The Lord loves me, I am Mormon, what more can ya ask for?? 

I love you guys all so much. 


Elder Galbraith 

Found a cool door to take a picture!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Ay estamos, mis queridos!

Ay estamos, mis queridos.

It is good to hear that from ya’ll (those who email me)! I am glad to hear that things are still normal.

My last district in Huitzilzingo
I know how great and rich the blessings are for praying. First off I have never prayed so much in my life and I can see such a difference. I just felt the need to say that. 

I pray a ton! And due to that I feel so much closer to the Lord, crazy right? Close to the Lord in Mexico, but it’s true.  I feel his love and I receive his guidance! 

I have been working and working and surprisingly it doesn’t seem that difficult anymore.  The time is crazy fast, last week was literally a blur, and I feel like I am in a movie.  I wake up and everything is on fast forward. 

We have a pretty big area and sometimes we have to walk like a full hour to get to some appointments.  But I have seen some pretty sweet miracles lately.  We went to the house of a family,  we sat down to talk and to one of the daughters wants to get baptized but her husband won’t let her talk with the missionaries, and he was there this day but he went and hid outside in his car when we got there.  We sat down and that amazing little nudging from the spirit came, and it was telling me that I should get and go invite him to join us. So being the person I am, I ignored it. 

It came back stronger and I couldn’t ignore it anymore, so I went and talked with Victor, the husband, for a little bit and he joined us! He liked it a lot actually, and ever since then he has loved listening to the missionaries and is super excited to go to church.

We also asked a reference from this family and they gave us on of their other son Jose Antonio and we went, and he accepted us! He wants to listen and still wants to get baptized! Miracles right??  

I keep praying for y’all! 

I think of you while are working and all that.  I always pray for you, so that you can do well on the job, or in whatever things you guys normally do! It’s all about faith or thinking positively!  I know it’s hard, but God gave us of the hard and the bad so that we know of the good. 

Well I am actually getting a lot more familiar with my area.  I like my comps!  They’re super cool guys and we work hard together!  My area is big but it’s awesome! 
We are able to see miracles here, and I am confident that baptisms will come again soon! 

Here's what I wrote to my President: 

Primeramente me arrepiento por decir que íbamos a dividir nuestra área, no lo vamos hacer.
Solo requiere diligencia y un planeamiento eficaz, entonces, me gustaría quedarnos así.
Mucho éxito aquí en Lomas de Real, hay muchos miembros muy muy dispuestos a trabajar con nosotros y estamos progresando como consejo también.
Me gusta mucho por acá y no hace tanto calor como me decían.
Siento que hay que aplicar a como comenzar dejar con algunos investigadores nuestros.
Toda esta muy bien con mis compañeros, y encontramos que enseñando en trió es mucho mas eficaz cuando haya plan de lección o bosquejo.
Hemos puesto muchas metas y y planes a llevarlas a cabo.
Siga orando por nosotros.
Gracias por todo Presidente.

Elder Galbraith

I love you so much, and I can testify of the blessings that come from obeying the commandments, going to church, praying, and reading of the scriptures. I live it, I breathe it, and I love it! 

This is what God wants for us, he wants happiness, and this is the way that we find the greatest happiness available in this life, 

I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Me and Elder Antonio 

With Love,


January 11, 2016

Well… I would like to let you know that all is good here in my hood, and trust me, that am where I am at...

Me and my new companions
Ha-ha nah just kidding!  I actually upgraded areas! The mission changed limits! We gave up 2 stakes in Ixtapaluca and Iztapalapa.  So where I spent 6 months in my first area is no longer part of the Mexico City Chalco Mission!!!  But we won 3 stakes in the state of Morelos, it’s another state. It’s a lot hotter here and a lot cleaner!!  Its super cool here!  But my area is HUGE!! It’s insane; it’s bigger than all of my first 2 areas put together! Crazy right?  It’s called Lomas de Real, and it’s been real. They sent me back to the hills! ha-ha! I will be getting back into shape now!  My new companions are My new companions Elder Avery, from Plain City Utah, and Elder Costeño from tlaxcala Mexico.  Can you tell which one is which?

We don’t have a ward, it’s just a branch and not many people attend.  I think yesterday there were about 40 people.   But they are a strong people, I have never felt more welcomed and more supported, they want to help a lot. So that makes me happy, It’s kind of confusing trying to know the area again, but this time my area is enormous!

Oh and guess what???? I am District Leader.... Trust me, I didn’t see it coming either... they told me… my jaw hit the floor when they announced it in the reunion of the changes. 
My district is PURE SISTERS.... ha-ha this will be super fun!! 

We have talked about the WHY here so many times in the mission, to focus on the why and the how and when will be taken care of.  I like to think that the basics are like the building blocks, and everything else is like the mortar, it just falls into place!  It’s not hard to place brick and if we do it right, then placing the mortar is super easy and we don’t have to work as hard. 

I have learned many things but overall lately I have been thinking a lot about a scripture in Alma 7:20.  It talks about how God can’t walk in wrong paths or something, it’s different a little in Spanish, but what i learned is that Heavenly father does NOT MAKE MISTAKES.  He cannot sin, nor make a mistake.  He is perfect and everything he does is for a purpose, for our better good!  If we have something difficult that is happening to us, it is because we need it, and God has not messed up, not put us in the wrong place, nor given us the wrong calling, what he does is perfect, in his time and in his own way. 

I complained a little bit when I first found out about having to open another area, to have to be in a land super far away from everything, to do something new and waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone, I complained.  But I realized I needed to repent and understand more about myself and try to focus more on what God wants from and for me. I needed to be humble and accept that I am not the best person to determine my destiny.  So I have decided, once again, to devote myself to what my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want from me.  I testify that if we put our faith in them, we cannot be scared, broken, defeated, nor hurt, because they will strengthen us, protect us, heal us, and sustain us. Because He loves us, more than we can imagine! 

I am super glad to be a missionary because the things I have learned in my short time here in Mexico would have taken me a lifetime to understand in the world.  I have learned and grown so much and I know that all of it is for a purpose and it literally fills me with joy to be able to know it. 

I love you all!


Our House

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Family, Friends, Esteemed Colleagues, and others...

Family, Friends, Esteemed Colleagues, and others 

First off, please forgive my poor English; I do not speak my own language very good anymore.

Indeed it is true that I have transfers!! Goodbye Huitzilzingo! But here’s the problem... I am not totally sure where I will be going! The mission has changed its boundaries, and I get to go open an area out there in the new part of the mission, actually in another state! State of Morelos! It’s going to be a new experience for the whole mission.... ha-ha I am super excited though, I get open my third area in a row... It’s what the Lord wants for me! 

The baptisms went good! We exceeded our own expectations and we were able to baptize 4 people on the 31st of December! Gabriel, Adriana, Patricia, and Yolanda! 
We were blessed big time here! I have been praying to be able to baptize and we did it! I know of the Lords love for us, I know it’s real, real powerful, I have felt very strongly of the spirit in these times! It’s truly amazing! They all got confirmed on Sunday and I felt so happy, they felt happy too, They have told me on several occasions that they have felt the spirit through feelings and to hear that, makes me feel so happy, that the Lord is working with this people, that the Lord loves them and wants them back with him, they told me to find them, to put up with them, and to baptize them before this life, and that’s what I will do.  I feel very content leaving Huitzilzingo in E. Rods hands now; he gets to stay here in Huitzi.  

I went on divisions and look what I found!
I have seen the 2 sides of life, those who live the commandments and those who don’t. We all know why we should obey them, we all know why we should live the gospel and so I say DO IT. It is so much better to work hard in the gospel, to obey, to seek Christ and to have him on our side, or better said to be on HIS side. 
I feel so happy when I see families living the gospel, when they take those steps, and feel this joy, and unfortunately it brings me sadness when I see people, that choose not to live that way, and fall away. 
If we strengthen our faith, we will not have to worry about falling away, we will be taken care of, we will have the strength and what is necessary to endure and accept what comes with smiles. 

Here is what I wrote to President Crickmore today: 

Pues este es todo, E Rodriguez ya creció alas y esta casi a punta de volar, no puedo creer que tan rapido es el tiempo a veces...
yo me esforzé con el y espero el mejor por el.
Presidente nosotros vimos muchos milagros aquí en Huiltzilzingo 1, pudimos llevar 4 almas a las aguas de bautizmo el 31 de dicimbre! yo siento muy contento dejándola con Elder Rodriguez, ya sabe que yo me voy!! a quien sabe donde pero a Moroni!
Y se que mi padre celestial tiene algo muy especial planeado para mi.
Pero mi vacuna hoy no fue algo que esperaba, y la hermana Alvarado es mas fuerte que yo pensaba!
Gracias por todo Presidente!
Aprecio todo lo que hace por nosotros, en verdad!

Elder Galbraith

I truly know that Jesus lives.  I know he is the Christ and that he loves each and every one of us! 

Keep doing what you know is right! 

Elder Galbraith 

Mexico City, Chalco Missionaries