Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My first week in Valle de Chalco was awesome!

Well this will be pretty short as I don’t have much time. 

But this week President Crickmore goes home... The time has flown by! I can’t really believe it, how fast it goes. President Crickmore has taught me so much, he has become like another Father to me, and a good friend at the same time. He will be missed, but the good thing is that I know that this is the will of the Lord, this is his choice and we will be happy to follow him. 

My first week in Valle de Chalco was awesome!  I have adjusted and I am loving it. My companion, Elder Morales is super cool! I love him! Another favorite! I get along super-duper good with him, we work hard! He is super positive and we have had a great first week!  He is from Mexico, a state that borders with Texas; he speaks pretty good English actually! 

Isabel and her son from Ayolta area
Valle de Chalco is one of the more dangerous areas in the mission but its honestly super cool, tons of great people that want to listen to our message.  I like the area too, it’s very comfortable for me, I don’t know why but it is awesome here! 

The rainy season has started! It rains every day here.  I don’t like the rain so much but I remain positive and I keep moving forward! I love my life!! 

Armando, Judith and their family from my Ayotla area
We got permission to go and visit Ayotla! My first area! Elder Camacho and I went with our companions! We got to see several of our converts and to visit with them and it was honestly such a good experience! 

This week I want you all to know that the faith we have isn’t enough. We need to constantly be looking for more, praying, reading, helping and serving and looking for the way to strengthen it.  I have learned that me efforts will be doubled if I can just do that much more.  I have learned that I will be blessed with just as much as I put in.  I have learned a lot about humility this week, we need to be humble and listen to the opinions of others if we want to be better.  I know that this is the true church of God that he has restored.  I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Book of Mormon is true. 

I love you all sooo much. 

Elder Galbraith

Photo from P-Day

Monday, June 20, 2016

It is Time for Changes...I'm headed to Valle de Chalco Tomorrow!

It’s super good to hear from ya! 

Well the changes have come and guess what? They caught me this time!  I will be in Valle de Chalco tomorrow! It’s an area that I have always wanted to be in!! I am super excited, I already know my companion too! His name is Elder Morales! Ha-ha another Elder Morales, but he is going to be super fun! I am still a Zone leader just in a new zone, ha-ha I am super excited! 

Life is good, I am doing super good! 
We are on the hunt for another baptism, the next one to take the plunge. I will never stop looking for those who are being prepared for baptism, they are waiting for me! 

Mexico is the coolest place to preach the gospel, there is a ton of competition here from other religions but its super fun!! I have come to love the work and the people too. 

Things are cooling off here, I have started to sleep with a blanket again, ha-ha I haven’t needed one for a loooong time.  It rains every night here, and there is a ton of lightening too. 

Well the dumb dog still follows us everywhere, despite my best attempts to run her off, she sticks around... whatever, I am outta here. 

Some experiences in my week: 
Well Friday we did divisions with other elders, and some dude in the street started to come at us with his logic and stuff, and we just started to defend and overall nothing happened, just a crazy dude that doesn’t like Mormons, so that was funny. We got caught in the rain as well that day, got soaked!! I killed like 2 scorpions this week.  We went to the middle of nowhere... seriously I think I found the end of the earth, it was so flippin far out there.  So it was a pretty good week overall. 

Okay here’s the deal…As you know the Mexico, Mexico City Chalco mission is getting a new Mission President on July 1st.  I am going to miss President Crickmore a ton! But I wanted to know from Heavenly father the truth about the new guy, so I asked him.  It has been made known to me that the new president is called of God.  I feel super excited for him to come, I know he is the perfect fit for the mission to relieve President Crickmore.  The spirit has testified that life will all be good in the future, it’s all good here.  I am so happy, I never thought this would be possible. 

I have learned this week the importance of perseverance. 
We should always give that much more, go the second mile and never be satisfied with mediocre.  We should always strive to do better, be better and grow better. I am always determined to learn, and then to master now.  We can’t be satisfied with a half effort or with 50 percent that just won’t do.  We give all that we have in the moment, if we are already in pain, why not give just a little bit more?  Heavenly Father will carry us the rest of the way, we just got to ask for the help and be ready to give what we got.  This cycle I had to give just that much more, I had to fight and it hurt, it was not easy, but is worth it!!!

Challenge this week: Read 3 Nephi.
I love reading about Jesus Christ, it is amazing. 
Elder Galbraith 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Heavenly Father Answers Prayers!

Well you guessed it, another week come and gone. 

Crazy how fast the time flies.... I don’t like it. 

I would like to apologize in advance for any misspelled word, crappy grammar, and bad pronunciation in this letter, I have officially become Mexican, and therefore my English has become crap. Also this keyboard is literal garbage. I am pretty sure pulled it out of the garbage and stuck it here for me.... haha!!!

Elder G, Omar, Bro Hurtado and Elder Guerra
Well this week rocked!  We worked our little bums off. Some hard hours for sure! But it was all worth it! We have been blessed big time, we baptized our investigator Omar! Baptisms are always great but this one was that much sweeter, we had to seriously work for this one, and I even wondered if we would baptize this cycle. I had to chastise myself for lack of faith. It was seriously such a powerful service, and this time Omar decided that Brother Hurtado would baptize him.  It was awesome! 

I can testify that Heavenly Father does answer prayers, BUT we  can’t expect him to give us what we ask for when He will teach us how to get it ourselves.  It is better that he teaches us, and for that reason the life isn’t easy, for that reason it’s not fair, and for that reason we often times think we are entitled to A REST. It isn’t that way and we need to be better than that, God loves us more than that. 

P-Day Fun
Elder Guerra and I have become pretty close, he is a lot like me actually.  We have a lot in common. 

So this week we had a meeting with the Stake President and President Crickmore took us for hamburgers after, and he went with us to a couple of our appointments!! It started to rain super hard that day and we all got soaked, but it was seriously one of my favorite days this cycle.  President Crickmore rocks! 

I love the mission!! I love you all so much!

Elder Galbraith

Monday, June 6, 2016

Lizards, New Shoes and Omar!!

Found a Friend!

Well this kid keeps at it! 

We had a pretty spiritual talk with our investigator Omar, and he finally said yes! He is getting baptized this Saturday at 12pm.  Pray for him, he has a strong testimony and loves the church but doesn’t have much support from his family. He needs our prayers. 
He is a kid of 16 years! He already has plans to go to the Mexican EFY.  I am member from birth and I never went to EFY.  How do you like them apples? That is a convert. 

I love the spirit, it’s the best feeling in the world, I have felt the spirit several times this week, talking with Omar, planning, looking for new investigators, teaching, reporting, and sometimes when the spirit has to step in and tell me what I haven’t done so good. They are very special teaching moments and I love them, they help me to learn and to be a better person. 

I bought new shoes today, exactly the same as the ones I have been wearing for the past few months.  They lasted me almost 10 months! Cool right? So I think these ones might be the last ones.  Those are just amazing Mexican shoes right? Haha! 

I am officially used to the heat, it doesn’t really bug me anymore, plus the rains came, but it only rains in the night! when I am sleeping... haha go figure! 

We had another zone conference today, it went good, not one of my best, I feel like we need to prepare beforehand a little bit more, and then it would be better. 

I just would like to share with you a scripture from genesis 18:14, it says Is anything too hard for the Lord? The answer is NO! So it shouldn’t be that hard for us to sacrifice a few hours of service, a few years of my life, a few dollars, a few of our earthly stuff in HIS service.  If I am not strong enough, He is. He will make us what He needs to make us.  He will give us what we lack, and I have seen and felt the truth of this in my life.  I know He loves me. I know he loves you and he wants us to be champions. We can do it. We can do it, it’s not hard if the Lord helps us, and so what holds us back? 
I will end with that!!!

I love you all!!

Elder Galbraith

My Zone!
My former Comp E Rod