Monday, October 24, 2016

Changes again.....

A good friend of mine Elder Davis, this guy is a champ!!
Well…Elder Draper and I have had a somewhat stressful cycle here.  We have struggled to find investigators, and we have walked a lot.  We found some very good investigators this weekend.  I felt the spirit with them. I could truly feel love for them.  I have been trying harder to feel love for the people, trying to put myself in their shoes. I have been looking for ways to serve and help others. 

And then guess what? They told us that we got changes.... YUP!!  Elder Draper and I will still be companions but they are changing the zone leader´s area!  We will no longer be in Xico; we will still be serving in Valle de Chalco but in another area called Anahuac. It’s actually super close to Xico…so we will actually keep going to the same chapel and everything, so it worked out pretty good, not too bad huh??? :)

Some thoughts I have had this week: 
1) We shouldn’t ever judge or criticize our leaders. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes of our leaders in the church. 
2) We need to stop complaining. Our lives are too good. I see things here every day that make me wonder how it is that I can complain about how hard my life is!  Some people here don’t even have a house to themselves and I complain about having shiny shoes and stuff. 

I say this because this week we have been a little frustrated we some of the decisions that our leaders have made in the mission here.  We kind of started to complain and bag on them. But recently I have understood that this is not what God would want. We need to trust in God´s plan.  It’s perfect and I am not someone that can oppose what my Father wants. I have been praying to try and understand his will more in my life. 

I am working hard here. Something I have learned to love is the person I have become, and I have become that person because of turning my life over to Him. 
I know the church is true, I know that the BOM is true, and I know that my Redeemer lives. 

Elder Galbraith 

Saying goodbye to some of the elders in the Helaman Zone

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Love, FUN, and more Hard Work

First off sorry for writing so late, we had the day of sports for the mission and it finished tardy.

For the family…Heck yeah I’d like to get me some ornaments for Christmas! It makes Christmas better here!! I need something to make it more like Christmas! So go ahead and send me em! I would like that. 

And don’t y'all worry; I will always keep Grandma and Pops in my prayers! I always pray for my family!! Y’all after all the best family in the world!! 

Helaman Zone!
We had another day of sports in the mission, and this time my zone won!!! We only lost one game, and we took the trophy home. So that’s cool.  We had a race to start the day off, and i won it.  I know it’s got nothing to do with the work and the mission but I just thought you’d like to know, brag to the grandparents a lil :) HA-HA!  It was super fun, and the elders were able to play all day.  I saw them happier, not so stressed out, so that was good! 

Conference talks rock! I love the spirit that they bring, they inspire and uplift me. They are great! The conference past I loved the talk by J Devin Cornish. I love it; I can’t stop thinking about it! Those talks are scripture too, and we should always STUDY, the scriptures! 

This week I learned from a member here that always goes with us to teach and work.  He gave us some advice to invite people to listen right away. Sometimes we have gotten caught up in making appointments and waiting until next week. Sometimes God doesn’t want his children to wait anymore, we gotta teach them babies right now!! So we have been working on inviting the people to listen right now.  We have been sharing more in the street, sharing as much as we can with the time that we have been given! We gotta take advantage!! 

Elder Draper and I have been pretty good…talking to each other and helping each other out with the obedience.  We have been able to communicate pretty well and that is always key in the companionship! Even though he is American we talk in Spanish mostly but sometimes Spanglish. I want to master Spanish, so I talk mostly in Spanish.

I was given some advice about the elders in my zone who have been struggling with disobedience.  I have been thinking about what I was told about loving, truly loving the elders. I gave it some thought and prayer, and decided they’re right.  So I have been working on it this week. I have felt better. It’s true, they just need some help. Some love. 
I will keep working on it and let you know how it goes.  We all need to love more! 
Letter to President Zapata!
Well thank you very much President for everything! The sports day was super FUN! I loved could win my last sports day.
I want to tell you that I have been praying a lot to have more love for the elders of the Helaman Zone. It has helped me a lot! We adjusted several things of our work here, and we have had several good results. It never ceases to amaze me and brighten the mission. I am very happy here, and I will continue working on having love and patience.
We love you President and thank you again for everything! Elder Galbraith
I know this the truth, I feel very uplifted every time I read from the Book of Mormon.  I have felt the love of God in my life.  I can receive revelation.  I give a special witness of the Truth of The Church of Jesus Christ, because I know that He lives, I know it! 

I love y’all! 

Elder Galbraith

Elder Branson Brotherson! He is from Provo, Utah and went to Timpview! He's awesome! 

Monday, October 10, 2016

This Week Rocked!

Well I am super glad that things have been going so well with you guys! That seriously makes me so happy!  Keep yourselves busy! I am always busy and I have learned its better like that! 

Well this week rocked! 
We had our leadership conference! And this time they took us to some pyramids in Cuautla. We had to hike a long distance and it was pretty steep too!  But it was suuuuper fun! There are some animals up there and the stinking buggers stole my chips!  Ha-ha! But the pyramid was super cool! While up there President Zapata and the Assistants taught us about how to be better leaders and how to follow better.  It was honestly such a spiritual experience and I learned a ton!  We then on Monday (today) had our zone conference.  We have several disobedient elders in the zone. Elder Draper and I had to talk super straightforward with some of them; we had a pretty good meeting.  I felt the spirit a lot. 

Animals that stole my chips!
I learned this week that we gotta learn how to follow the Lord before we can be leaders; all of the greatest leaders have been great leaders because of their devotion to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. We can learn a lot more about how to follow Christ and by doing so, be better leaders. I learned that I need to improve a lot. I need to focus more on following Christ. We all need to follow him more; having said that it came to my mind this phrase from a General conference from years ago: it’s more important to walk how He walked than to walk where he walked. 
Let’s do it!!!

Solo quiero decirles que la Iglesia es la iglesia verdadera! 
I know that this church is true. 
You all are awesome! 

Don’t ever underestimate your divine potential; we are sons and daughters of God. 

Elder Galbraith 


Elder Draper and me!

Fun at the Pyramid...crazy animals!

Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference and Hard Work!!

My previous comp E Rod and myself

Well to start off I have to say that I loved Conference! It ROCKED!! It made me feel pretty cool! One thing that stood out…It went by too fast!! What in the world? 
I remember that it couldn’t go by fast enough before. What changed? I paid attention! I loved the talk by Elder Cornish
Am I good enough? 
Will I make it? 
The answer is YES!! 
We are good enough, we will make it! 
Simple but I loved it. I am sometimes a little hard on myself, and that talk helped me a ton! I as well like the talk by Elder Uceda.  It made a lot more sense to me, being a zone leader, having to care for lots of elders.  And I loved hearing about the spirit. 

I loved the focus on prayer that conference had. 
I learned that I need to improve my personal prayers! 
I have become too casual in my prayers, and have not been having the best talks with my Padre Celestial that I could have been having. 
I have changed a few things and with just a few things I have felt the difference!

This is how the week went…Let’s move on Elder. 
Ha-ha I feel like that is what Elder Draper and I told ourselves all week…Let’s move on Elder. We had a week that turned out to be a little more stressful than others! 
A view of our city!
We keep looking and looking and had a little harder time finding new investigators. We didn’t have too many lessons.  But every day we came home feeling good, knowing that we had worked hard.  We looked and preached.  I remembered the whole week that it doesn’t matter.  I will continue and continue until the Lord says we will teach. 
I remembered that sometimes it will be hard because Salvation is not a cheap experience! 

We will keep pushing on. Like Job, that dude had it rough…I might even say his life sucked for a little bit ( sorry if that came off strong) And he never got mad at God, he never went apostate. He knew who he was, and who his Father was. 
He was not confused about his identity!  We will keep pushing on.

I love the gospel and amo a mi familia (translation…I love my family)!!!
We will be together for eternity! 

Elder Galbraith