Monday, October 10, 2016

This Week Rocked!

Well I am super glad that things have been going so well with you guys! That seriously makes me so happy!  Keep yourselves busy! I am always busy and I have learned its better like that! 

Well this week rocked! 
We had our leadership conference! And this time they took us to some pyramids in Cuautla. We had to hike a long distance and it was pretty steep too!  But it was suuuuper fun! There are some animals up there and the stinking buggers stole my chips!  Ha-ha! But the pyramid was super cool! While up there President Zapata and the Assistants taught us about how to be better leaders and how to follow better.  It was honestly such a spiritual experience and I learned a ton!  We then on Monday (today) had our zone conference.  We have several disobedient elders in the zone. Elder Draper and I had to talk super straightforward with some of them; we had a pretty good meeting.  I felt the spirit a lot. 

Animals that stole my chips!
I learned this week that we gotta learn how to follow the Lord before we can be leaders; all of the greatest leaders have been great leaders because of their devotion to follow the Lord Jesus Christ. We can learn a lot more about how to follow Christ and by doing so, be better leaders. I learned that I need to improve a lot. I need to focus more on following Christ. We all need to follow him more; having said that it came to my mind this phrase from a General conference from years ago: it’s more important to walk how He walked than to walk where he walked. 
Let’s do it!!!

Solo quiero decirles que la Iglesia es la iglesia verdadera! 
I know that this church is true. 
You all are awesome! 

Don’t ever underestimate your divine potential; we are sons and daughters of God. 

Elder Galbraith 


Elder Draper and me!

Fun at the Pyramid...crazy animals!

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