Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 25, 2016 - Had to Move Houses!!

Well we were shocked recently with the announcement that they have changed our area!  So we had to change houses and everything today....
I will be opening an area where sisters where before. 
Actually this area is where President Crickmore lives!! 

Haha I feel just a little bit overwhelmed and nervous but I know that the Lord wants me here! So I will keep working! 

I feel like every day is a lesson in patience that the Lord sends me! 
This week we have been working hard and it has been a test in my patience.  We also had to look for a new house for the sisters and we had interviews with president!  I got to supervise my first interviews with President as a ZL. It was pretty interesting to see it from that perspective! 

I ate some super spicy wings today and it made me cry and everything and I realized it wasn’t fun!  I don’t like spicy food all that much! 
I would like to not eat those wings again! 

Elder Morales and I get along really good! 
We were having some pretty good success in our other area, but we will still have success in the new one! 

I apologize for the lack of time I have but I have to keep it short! 

I love you all so so much!

Monday, April 18, 2016

We baptized a champ!

Well the highlight of my week was our baptism! We baptized a champ! His name is Kevin! He is a super powerful investigator! He has absolutely no support from his family and he still wanted to get baptized! It was a super spiritual experience!
President Crickmore and Hermana Crickmore came to the baptism!! Finally!  I have wanted them to come to one my baptisms since I got here! I baptized him and the water was suuuuuper cold! It felt so nice! It was awesome and Kevin was so happy! 

He came to church and got confirmed too. 
I feel very happy for him! 

This week my mom called the mission office and talked with Hermana Crickmore abut a package that she sent me.  After talking about the package Hermana Crickmore told my mom, a few things about me and how much they love me.  She told mom what a hard worker I am and again how much they love me.  First of all...You all need to know that I ain’t nothing special. The Lord has called me to work and I wouldn’t be a very good person if I didn’t work.  That’s all it is. My companions are always super awesome! They work hard and they help me out tons!  I just love the mission work. 

Well my experiences as Zone Leader are this: managing 20 other missionaries and answering their phone calls, solving problems, giving permission, sometimes scolding the disobedience, helping, motivating more than anything.  We had 2 activities in our zone that me and my comp organized, we had an activity for street contacts, and we all got together and did divisions and contacted a ton of people in the street for 2 hours. 

Today we made hamburgers for the whole zone and then had a water balloon fight. We are trying hard to unify the zone, I feel like we are having steady progress!!  It stresses me out that my responsibilities sometimes take time away from the work, but I am learning to be more efficient to have time to work and manage the zone. 

I am very happy with my area and the missionaries in our area.  Elder Morales and I have talked about each companionship and we pray to know how to help them.

I have the best job in the world! 
I love being a missionary!
I love each of you!


Elder Galbraith 

Photos from Victor's Baptism.  Victor is a Champ!!

More of Victor's Baptism!

Monday, April 11, 2016

I Love This Gospel!

Well this week has been pretty interesting.  I am in an area that doesn’t have hills and I can feel that I am gaining a little bit of weight again, that makes me happy! 

We worked a ton! And you know how I told you all that it was super hot?? Well suddenly out of what seems like nowhere, it got hotter...... hahaha I feel like I am getting somewhat used to it, either that or I am crazy! 

We had another baptism this week! Brother Victor took the plunge! He has a strong testimony, and has told us many times that he was atheist at one point.  I felt the spirit real strong in the baptism! I gave a little talk about the ordinance of Baptism while they were changing. 

We had to look for a new house for some sisters in the zone.  The bishop has been bugging the mission for a couple weeks because their area is dangerous or something like that. 
So we found them a new house, that wasn’t really all that fun.  We still need to sign the contract all that jazz (go jazz!!!) 

We saw a miracle here!  Another investigator told us that he wanted to get baptized! So he will take the plunge this Friday!  We found a new investigator and when we taught her, the spirit was like crazy intense! I felt super good!  We had some great success this week! It was a good week! 

My comp and I get along real well, I feel like we would have been pretty good buds before the mission. 

I have learned this week about the impressions of the spirit, they come when God wants us to feel them, not when we ask for them.  It works by his way, not ours. We got to align ourselves with him and his spirit and tune into his frequency.  I have learned that simply feeling peaceful can be the spirit, or having a clear head, thinking positive, being happy for no reason in particular, or seeing the good in people you don’t know, having patience when everything is stacked against you. We need to be more conscious of the spirit, and invite it more. 

I can promise that the spirit will guide us, if we are willing. 

I love this gospel.


Elder Galbraith

Friday, April 8, 2016

First Week as a new ZL

My first week as ZL has been super fun! One of the fastest weeks ever, my new comp is Elder Morales.  He is actually a really good friend of mine, I knew him in Ixtapaluca in my first area, and he was my ZL for the 2 cycles I was DL, so I already knew him and my area a little bit. I had actually been there in divisions a week before the changes.

We had the leadership meeting on Friday and we talked about some real important mission stuff, challenges in the mission, and all that, President told me I had some pretty good ideas too. I was kind of nervous to be there for the first time. 
We had some special changes here in the zone today and for that reason I have written so late, we have been running around all day like crazy. 
I gave my first training as a ZL, we had our zone conf. today, it went good, obviously we need to improve some stuff, but I feel good, that being my first one.

I have very little time to do stuff now, and I haven’t been able to take many pictures this week, but I was able to sneak one in the other night! (Included below) 

General conference was tight!!! Super powerful! I was super stoked for Conference! I waited 6 months!! I can’t believe this is my 3rd conference in the mission; I only have 1 left....
But I loved the talk by Jeffrey R Holland; he finished conference with a bang! It was awesome! I felt super powerful the spirit in his talk, I also like D Todd C`s talk about fathers, that was super cool to hear. 
Although very short I liked Thomas S Monson's talks! They were powerful, I took notes and I received what i needed to improve! 
Conference rocks! 
Now is time to put it to work, if we don’t apply what we have learned, it’s not worth anything. We have learned and received; now we need to change. 
That would be what I have learned, that me need to make the changes, we will need to ask for a lot of help from our heavenly father. 

Short and sweet my letter today, Now that I am a Zone Leader I don't have that much time to write. 

I love you so much! 
Keep me in your prayers! 

Elder Galbraith