Monday, April 18, 2016

We baptized a champ!

Well the highlight of my week was our baptism! We baptized a champ! His name is Kevin! He is a super powerful investigator! He has absolutely no support from his family and he still wanted to get baptized! It was a super spiritual experience!
President Crickmore and Hermana Crickmore came to the baptism!! Finally!  I have wanted them to come to one my baptisms since I got here! I baptized him and the water was suuuuuper cold! It felt so nice! It was awesome and Kevin was so happy! 

He came to church and got confirmed too. 
I feel very happy for him! 

This week my mom called the mission office and talked with Hermana Crickmore abut a package that she sent me.  After talking about the package Hermana Crickmore told my mom, a few things about me and how much they love me.  She told mom what a hard worker I am and again how much they love me.  First of all...You all need to know that I ain’t nothing special. The Lord has called me to work and I wouldn’t be a very good person if I didn’t work.  That’s all it is. My companions are always super awesome! They work hard and they help me out tons!  I just love the mission work. 

Well my experiences as Zone Leader are this: managing 20 other missionaries and answering their phone calls, solving problems, giving permission, sometimes scolding the disobedience, helping, motivating more than anything.  We had 2 activities in our zone that me and my comp organized, we had an activity for street contacts, and we all got together and did divisions and contacted a ton of people in the street for 2 hours. 

Today we made hamburgers for the whole zone and then had a water balloon fight. We are trying hard to unify the zone, I feel like we are having steady progress!!  It stresses me out that my responsibilities sometimes take time away from the work, but I am learning to be more efficient to have time to work and manage the zone. 

I am very happy with my area and the missionaries in our area.  Elder Morales and I have talked about each companionship and we pray to know how to help them.

I have the best job in the world! 
I love being a missionary!
I love each of you!


Elder Galbraith 

Photos from Victor's Baptism.  Victor is a Champ!!

More of Victor's Baptism!

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