Wednesday, April 27, 2016

April 25, 2016 - Had to Move Houses!!

Well we were shocked recently with the announcement that they have changed our area!  So we had to change houses and everything today....
I will be opening an area where sisters where before. 
Actually this area is where President Crickmore lives!! 

Haha I feel just a little bit overwhelmed and nervous but I know that the Lord wants me here! So I will keep working! 

I feel like every day is a lesson in patience that the Lord sends me! 
This week we have been working hard and it has been a test in my patience.  We also had to look for a new house for the sisters and we had interviews with president!  I got to supervise my first interviews with President as a ZL. It was pretty interesting to see it from that perspective! 

I ate some super spicy wings today and it made me cry and everything and I realized it wasn’t fun!  I don’t like spicy food all that much! 
I would like to not eat those wings again! 

Elder Morales and I get along really good! 
We were having some pretty good success in our other area, but we will still have success in the new one! 

I apologize for the lack of time I have but I have to keep it short! 

I love you all so so much!

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