Monday, April 11, 2016

I Love This Gospel!

Well this week has been pretty interesting.  I am in an area that doesn’t have hills and I can feel that I am gaining a little bit of weight again, that makes me happy! 

We worked a ton! And you know how I told you all that it was super hot?? Well suddenly out of what seems like nowhere, it got hotter...... hahaha I feel like I am getting somewhat used to it, either that or I am crazy! 

We had another baptism this week! Brother Victor took the plunge! He has a strong testimony, and has told us many times that he was atheist at one point.  I felt the spirit real strong in the baptism! I gave a little talk about the ordinance of Baptism while they were changing. 

We had to look for a new house for some sisters in the zone.  The bishop has been bugging the mission for a couple weeks because their area is dangerous or something like that. 
So we found them a new house, that wasn’t really all that fun.  We still need to sign the contract all that jazz (go jazz!!!) 

We saw a miracle here!  Another investigator told us that he wanted to get baptized! So he will take the plunge this Friday!  We found a new investigator and when we taught her, the spirit was like crazy intense! I felt super good!  We had some great success this week! It was a good week! 

My comp and I get along real well, I feel like we would have been pretty good buds before the mission. 

I have learned this week about the impressions of the spirit, they come when God wants us to feel them, not when we ask for them.  It works by his way, not ours. We got to align ourselves with him and his spirit and tune into his frequency.  I have learned that simply feeling peaceful can be the spirit, or having a clear head, thinking positive, being happy for no reason in particular, or seeing the good in people you don’t know, having patience when everything is stacked against you. We need to be more conscious of the spirit, and invite it more. 

I can promise that the spirit will guide us, if we are willing. 

I love this gospel.


Elder Galbraith

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