Monday, May 2, 2016

Hoorah For Israel!!

Well…We did find a new place for them sisters.....They took my old area... and we got to take theirs. It was kind of hard leaving all my investigators and good friends in that ward behind, and I didn’t get to say goodbye, but I get to trust in the Lord.  If i don’t trust Him I got nothing. I know that He has something special in store for me and Elder Morales here!  My new area is called Oaxtepec.  Good luck pronouncing that one! Oaxtepec, Morelos. 

My highlight this week has been living in a new house without light.... that has been kind of fun!  Also, we have a bunch of cockroaches...haha!  We have gotten lost a bunch of times too! That’s the fun of opening a new area! 

Today we took all the Elders and some sisters to tour a huge catholic church that has mummies.... it was kind of creepy and really sad. I don’t know why we decided on that, but it was fun to hang out with all the people in the zone!! 

This week I have been working really hard to work on my repentance process, and to try to feel the spirit.  It is utterly crucial that we feel the spirit.  He will guide us and direct us if only we will listen and pay attention, but that’s the key, paying attention, because if we don’t we will miss those wonderful opportunities to know our Heavenly Father a little bit more! I have been praying like crazy this week.

I have also learned a ton about serving others.  We need to be more focused on giving than receiving.  Our power from God comes easier when we are in the service of others! 

I love you all so much.  Keep that chin up, and fight harder than last week!!! Keep working your hardest in the work of the Lord, in your callings, on your relation with Jesus, and in gaining the attributes of Jesus Christ! 

Hoorah for Israel!!


Elder Galbraith

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