Monday, May 30, 2016


Things are going pretty good here in Mexico. 
Elder Guerra or elder War and I are doing good! We had a trying week this week, its was kinda hard to find lessons, and it was pretty hot, but it came to my mind to give CHALLENGE a new definition.  CHALLENGE is preparation for the blessing. 
Simple and maybe silly but it has serisouly helped me out so much this week, helped me to not get down in the dumps and to be excited and to keep working. 
Every challenge that we face we need to remember that if we stay positive, the blessing will come and it will be that much sweeter. 

We have been having some challenges in the zone, with some aspects of the work, some desafios with the numbers and all that and we have been working Elder Guerra and I to motivate the zone so that they will work harder and we have been lookin for the best way to motivate them to work! Pray for us! 
Elder Guerra is super good, he works hard and everything and I get along real good with him, the only thing is that he tries that patience of mine a little bit. there are a few things we have had to work out, but we have been doing good together! 
we will have a lot of success together! 

Today we played soccer and all that, ate with some other missionaries at Subway!  We washed clothes and all that and now we are getting ready to go to one of the district meetings in the zone.  This week we are gonna have another day of excersize in the mission in Chalco. 
This coming Monday, its gonna be fun! we all bought jerseys for the zone moroni. 

Well president Alexander has a point, we need to get going with our family history work, that was the theme that we had in church this sunday and i just sat there thinking that I should

You all know how I feel about the temple. We need to be going to the temple on a regular basis! Thats a must! 
The blessings are strong and powerful but distinct for every person, so lets go! lets test it out and see how our lives improve! 

The son of the stake president has been coming with us to visit our investgator thats getting ready to baptized. 
And he always fills us in on the basketball side of the world haha! He loves basketball. 
I havent heard nothing about sports, nothing. haha, its kinda hard sometimes. 

I just want to say that life isn't easy, but its worth it. Challenges make us who we are, and we shouldn't try to avoid them, rather we should be humble and look for what God wants us to learn from these challeneges, and we should look for the way to grow and strengthen ourselves. 
thats what trials are! Opportunities to get stronger, be better, fight harder, gain faith and increase understanding of the gospel. 
With out trial we would be living in a world ruled by satans plan. 
God loves us so much we have no idea. 

I love you so so much! 

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