Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mom's Day!!

Happy Moms Day!!!

Seems like just yesterday I said goodbye to you guys! Haha...oh wait I did! Haha!  It was so good to see you guys! And might I just add that you all looked super GOOD! Very healthy, now I know that you’re all eating your Wheaties! Haha!  I am glad I was able to bear you my testimony! It felt good to share it in English, and might I just say it was hard to talk in English so much.  I felt rather odd, to put it simply!  But I felt very good with what I said.  I felt sure of it and I know it’s true. 

The day after I talked with the family, I was studying in my chair and I opened the BOM and I started reading in Alma 47 and I was praying too and just felt so strongly the spirit, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!  I was sooooo stoked to see all the family together! Grandpas, Dad, Aunts and Uncles, and all them! It made me happy! That is how the eternity will be! With all the people I love most! 

So it happened...changes came. 
They are sending Elder Morales away.... I will miss him!  He is one of my favorite companions! He so awesome!  I stay here in the same area but I will be receiving a new Elder and I don’t know anything about him, so y'all got to tune in next week to find out! 
Almost the whole zone had changes!  Every single companionship actually!  Crazy right! Haha!! Oh those darn changes! 

We baptized a 16 year old kid on Saturday, and this kid is powerful.  He has had it rough, and already knows the gospel better than me, now that is a convert!  He is super happy and super ready to get out on the mission! 

The hot season is almost over!  I have gotten somewhat used to it but its still killer!  Then comes the rain!  And surely I will want to have it hot again, such is life, I shouldn’t complain! 

I am super happy right now; life is good and getting better! I know things will be alright. 
I actually gave a talk in church yesterday and I gave it on the first vision. 
I read from JSH and talked about how if we follow the invitation that our Heavenly Father makes to us we will always be alright, and in no part does it say that it will be easy just that we will be accepted into a light brighter than the sun.  We will have His power and His love, but we need to listen to and accept his son Jesus Christ!  There is no other way.  So we accept him and then what? WE SHARE IT!!! with everyone.  We open our mouths and we share it, so that others know that it will be alright, we know it and they need to know it. The end. 

I love you all so much! 

Elder Galbraith

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