Monday, May 16, 2016


Me and mi amigo Elder Morales!!
Well this week I said goodbye to Elder Morales... this was probably the hardest goodbye of my mission!  I seriously almost cried... that dude is like another best friend in the mission.  I got along so good with him!  My new companion is very animated haha! Very funny, he is Elder Guerra, or in English Elder WAR! He’s from Peru! I am training him as a Zone leader!  He’s a good guy, and he does work hard! 

It continues to be hot here in Cuautla, but someday soon the rain will come! 

We had the leadership meeting on Friday and it was kind of boring... haha! But there was pizza again! and I got to see my other best bud Elder Camacho! he’s a zone leader too!  We talked about some rules and some new stuff going down in the mish. It was good!  We had the zone conference today! and it went really good! President Crickmore came to our meeting! He was kind enough to buy us pizza! So that was neat! 

This week I have been meditating a scripture! 
Look up Mosiah 9:17-18! it talks about a war between Nephites and Lamanites and the strength of the Lord with us, read em…they helped me out a ton this week! 

Honestly the mission has been the best thing ever; Sometimes I don’t feel like I deserve something so awesome! I feel so pumped about the mission right now! and even more about the gospel!

I know that the Gospel is true, and that Christ lives! And that we are sons and daughters of God. Let that sink in, sons and daughters of God, that’s a big deal, and that God LOVES US! 
Life can’t get better! 

Much Love! 

Elder Galbraith

Pres. Crickmore, Me, Elder Guerra and Sis. Crickmore

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