Friday, October 7, 2016

General Conference and Hard Work!!

My previous comp E Rod and myself

Well to start off I have to say that I loved Conference! It ROCKED!! It made me feel pretty cool! One thing that stood out…It went by too fast!! What in the world? 
I remember that it couldn’t go by fast enough before. What changed? I paid attention! I loved the talk by Elder Cornish
Am I good enough? 
Will I make it? 
The answer is YES!! 
We are good enough, we will make it! 
Simple but I loved it. I am sometimes a little hard on myself, and that talk helped me a ton! I as well like the talk by Elder Uceda.  It made a lot more sense to me, being a zone leader, having to care for lots of elders.  And I loved hearing about the spirit. 

I loved the focus on prayer that conference had. 
I learned that I need to improve my personal prayers! 
I have become too casual in my prayers, and have not been having the best talks with my Padre Celestial that I could have been having. 
I have changed a few things and with just a few things I have felt the difference!

This is how the week went…Let’s move on Elder. 
Ha-ha I feel like that is what Elder Draper and I told ourselves all week…Let’s move on Elder. We had a week that turned out to be a little more stressful than others! 
A view of our city!
We keep looking and looking and had a little harder time finding new investigators. We didn’t have too many lessons.  But every day we came home feeling good, knowing that we had worked hard.  We looked and preached.  I remembered the whole week that it doesn’t matter.  I will continue and continue until the Lord says we will teach. 
I remembered that sometimes it will be hard because Salvation is not a cheap experience! 

We will keep pushing on. Like Job, that dude had it rough…I might even say his life sucked for a little bit ( sorry if that came off strong) And he never got mad at God, he never went apostate. He knew who he was, and who his Father was. 
He was not confused about his identity!  We will keep pushing on.

I love the gospel and amo a mi familia (translation…I love my family)!!!
We will be together for eternity! 

Elder Galbraith 

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