Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Obedience, A Crater and Alejandro!!

Things are going good here in Valle de Chalco!  Not as good as you guys though! or maybe better???? Haha who knows! 

So just an FYI...
Elder Draper is super cool! it’s a constant party with him! I have had pure awesome companions!  We have been working hard. We baptized Alejandro Vazquez! It was super cool! He got confirmed too, so it’s a done deal!  I felt the spirit super strong in his confirmation and couldn’t help but think that it’s true. The gospel is true, the church is true, and I know it.  That is one miracle that we saw this week or one blessing of this week! 

So this week I was a little stressed with some of the District Leaders. I was reading and found this scripture, D&C 3:2-3, check that bad boy out, that’s some good stuff. 
I learned a lot about it, we choose to get frustrated, and we need to choose not to! 
Frustration is not one of the feelings of the spirit! 

This week we went to a giant crater in our area! It’s on the other side of the hill we have, it was pretty cool!  We have been working hard and we have had some trouble keeping investigators in the teaching pool.  We have been trying several tactics, and we had our multi-zone conference too.  We have been giving our best effort and I know that we will find some investigators; we just got to keep trying.  Pray that I can have the diligence to keep looking! 

They have been emphasizing obedience here in the mission. So we too have been cracking down on the obedience here in the zone.  We don’t like none of that disobedience crap here! GIT R DUN! Ha-ha Larry-the-Cable Guy!  Let’s always try to be obedient, it is the only true way to have agency, to sin is to be subject to the consequences of sin. 

I testify that the church is true! It’s the truth. I testify that repentance is the only way we can truly present ourselves before God clean and pure! The church is true! 

Elder Galbraith! 

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