Monday, September 19, 2016

New Comp, Mexican Independence Day and More Hard Work!!

Saying goodbye to Elder Morales
Well another week come and gone! They go by pretty darn fast here. This week was a blazing hot one.... one week it rains and the other it burns…wish Mexico would make up its mind! ha-ha!

This week was the first one with Elder Draper! He is super cool! I love having an American comp! Its super fun, we understand stuff on the same level! Ha-ha! So that’s cool! He’s from Idaho so he understands pretty well the Utah way of life!  We get along super good! We've know each other since we started the mission; we were in the same zone together.

This week the work went super good! We have been working hard again and have seen several miracles this week. This week for changes and for the Mexican independence day it was a little difficult for the work. We had to go home early and so we just chilled in the house listening to music, we cleaned a little, and then watched a missionary movie, then went to bed, the  truth...BORING! I would have preferred working! Mexican Independence Day is kind of crazy, but weird, they don’t even care all that much, they barely even celebrate it!  They just stay up late drinking and throwing fireworks! That’s it... oh and FYI, I didn’t sleep very well that night.
Elder Draper and Me

Elder Draper and I have been working and we have found another baptism! This Saturday one of our investigators will get baptized at 6pm, his name is Alejandro Vazquez; keep him and his family in your prayers!
I learned this week about service…some elders didn’t have beds in their house, so we helped the elders with their beds and I felt super cool to help them out like that! Elder Draper came to the area with diarrhea so I got to help him out a little bit, and I felt happy to serve him. I learned that we need to truly love our neighbor, like unto ourselves, and more. If we don’t have charity we don’t have anything, we need to love more, and the rest will make sense, I have been trying harder to love the people here! It hard, but it’s coming along!

I can testify that the Lord knows what is best for us and if we trust in him 100 percent he will take care of us and lead us to the success we want in the life. I have learned to trust in him more and more with the passing time here in the mission! He knows best! I can also testify of the Book of Mormon, IT’S TRUE! Read it!

Tell the fam I say hey! And that I love them!
I love you all!  Keep up the good work.

Elder Galbraith

Being Silly

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