Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Elder Morales Got His Cast Off Today!

Waiting Room at Hospital
Well first off, sorry for writing home late! Today we had to go to Mexico City! The day came! Elder Morales got his cast off today! His arm is super skinny and stinky.... But we are free! We are done, what’s next? Therapy.... that will be fun!  I would like to stress that hospitals suck.  We went to a different hospital today and we ended up waiting forever again... not my favorite thing to do, wait in waiting rooms.  The good news is that Elder Morales is all healed up! We have seen the Lords blessing here, his arm is healed PERFECTLY, how cool is that??? 

Second, I can testify that our devices aren’t worth the time we waste using them.  My eyes were opened when I came on the mission and left my phone behind.  There is a beautiful work in front of us and we don’t need a pathetic screen to see it. Start a trend! Every meal everyone leave their phone is a basket. NO PHONES AT THE TABLE! 

Today as well we had our zone conference!  Elder Morales and I changed it up a bit.  We assigned some other Elders and the Sisters to give trainings.  We had 4 different stations and we had to change and rotate.  It was super fun and super spiritual! I loved it actually! We talked about several things, loving each other, service, being successful, getting up on time, lots of good stuff.

Public Transport in Mexico
The changes are coming again.... they are coming faster and faster every time.  I think the cycles are getting faster....I don’t know for sure, but it’s possible that today was my last zone conference as a zone leader.  Maybe I will be ZL another cycle, maybe not, who knows. Just pray that Gods will be done in my mission.  I would love to stay with Elder Morales another cycle!  The truth is that he is a champ and one of my favorite comps! I love him! 

Something else I learned this week, love. 
We got to love more. Although we think we got it, we usually don’t. And if we do it’s much easier to love our family members and our close ones, lots harder to love the neighbor, the old lady taking forever in the check our stand, and the crazy drivers!  What are the 2 first commandments? Love God with all we got, and second, love our neighbor like unto ourselves (sorry if it’s not perfect, English is my second language now)  Our heavenly father loves us soooo much, despite all of our imperfections he loves us, and our savior loves us so much he gave his life for us. Sometimes we wouldn’t give even a dollar for someone we barely know. 

I have learned that it’s hard to love the people sometimes.... they are STUBBORN. 
But I have worked a little harder to love them, to see things from their perspective, to try and discern how they feel. I am not perfect but I want to love more.  With love comes patience and wit patience comes a better life.  Let’s read Matthew 5:44-45, it’s a killer scripture!! 

Just so y'all know I have been craving pancakes. 

I am blessed to be a Son of God, I was blessed to be born in this gospel and I am blessed to be a missionary! 

I love you all so much! 

Elder Galbraith 

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