Monday, August 29, 2016

Work, Study, Pray!!

A member drew a picture of me, I think he nailed it. 
Well this week was pretty standard…we worked, studied and prayed lots.  We got rained on almost every day!  I have been carrying my umbrella around all the time, but I left it in a member’s house on Tuesday and I couldn’t go back until Friday. Ha-ha so those 3 days were some fun ones, WET, but fun! 

I can’t believe it, the 6 weeks Elder Morales had to wear his cast are almost over, he’s getting off on Saturday! Quick right???  Ha-ha he is so ready to get it off! 

I am super pumped, this weekend Elder Morales had to do several baptismal interviews, which means we are going to see a bunch of baptisms here in the zone! 
The work is picking up here in Helaman! 

As for the scripture study, I too understand the frustration of not studying.  It is not an excuse, but sometimes we have to help other elders, or go to do some stuff with president, or stuff like that, and it takes time away from our studies. We talked about it Elder Morales and we have decided we need to be more careful with our time, we need to study more often, the Lord has given us this sacred time specifically to prepare ourselves to preach.  I can feel the spirit so strong sometimes in my studies, and I have learned some seriously personal stuff there too. 

Elder Morales tying his shoes for the first
 time since the break
So this week my comp and I discussed what were some of the things we haven’t been doing well and we realized that we had slacked on being obedient in a couple aspects.  I can promise that strict obedience to the covenants we have made with the Lord is the only sacrifices he asks of us, which isn’t really that much of one. I have learned that our agency is more when we obey, when we disobey we are subject to the consequences of sin, to obey is the only real freedom. I read part of Brigham Young’s manual and that’s what I could learn from it.  Pretty cool right? Let’s be obedient. 

I love you all, I am doing so great! Life here as a servant of the Lord is the best. I testify that the church is true, that Jesus Christ lives, and that he has called a true living prophet in these days named Thomas S Monson. 
Life is great! 

I love you!

Elder Galbraith

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