Friday, August 12, 2016

Zone Conference, Hard Work and Montezuma's Revenge!!

Well we had our zone conference today, Elder Morales and I taught the zone about the importance of goals.  We had to talk kind of direct to the zone today.  Some have been slacking off a little bit and we felt it was necessary to tell them how it is.  So it was kinda rad. 

This week we locked down another baptism, Brother Abel or in English Abel, the brother of Cain, funny huh?? Looks like he never really died. HAHA!  He passed his interview on Sunday and Saturday at 1pm he takes the plunge! I feel pumped! 

Oh and guess what? I have Montezuma’s Revenge.... so that’s fun stuff. 
Not what I expected but I keep going! Pray for me! 

We worked hard again this week, we out did some records we had previously set, 
like street contacts, we contacted over 200 this week.  We had a ton of success this week, it was awesome, and there wasn’t a single day that I didn’t come home tired. That’s how I know it was a good one. 

Elder Morales is doing good. He gets closer and closer every day to when they take his cast off.  He is counting the days, and he hates the cast! How does he get dressed you ask? Funny you might ask that, he tries all that he can, he can put on underwear and pants too obviously but shirts, shoes, ties, and his immobilizer are all ME, I am the dude that takes care of him.  I am learning how to take care of a little kid.... It’s a little different but I am happy to serve him! 

Here is my weekly letter to President...
This week was a great week!
Elder Morales and I exceeded many of our goals! And you know what?? We have a baptism on Saturday at 1 pm.  Our investigator is a champion, is paralyzed on half of his body, and still goes to the chapel every Sunday! 

So the new rules…I felt I needed to ask whether they are inspired, so I decided to kneel down and ask. I got my answer. They are inspired through revelation.  There is no problem with me!

Today we informed the zone of the new rules and some were stunned! It was a little bit funny! But no one raised their hand when asked if anyone had questions!
I know that Christians are not many!
Now it's time to act!
We love you President and Sister!

Well, I just want to say that I love y’all, tons!
I am glad that you are still strong in the gospel; we must always stay that way!

WIth Love! 
Elder Galbraith   

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