Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I learned a lot this week!!!

Well well well, Another Monday has come, 

The time is too fast here, speaking of which I would like to start off with a request.... I am aware of the time I now have in the mission, and you are all too. You can start the countdown if you want, but I ask that you not mention it to me. I just don’t need to be distracted by the countdown. 

The week was a good one; we gave a good lickin this week. 
We have been trying new tactics to do street contacts, like contacting in front of the church inviting the people to come on in for a tour!  Or we have decided to change the vocab that we use and not say the same thing all day. We have doubled our efforts in the references; we have given her a good effort. We have seen a couple special changes here the Zone, oh and did I ever tell y'all that our zone is named Helaman? It’s the best zone ever!  Ha-ha there are some champs here in the zone, some of my best buds here in Xico are the Elders Mejia and Can, and they are seriously some of the coolest guys ever. 

We had divisions with them this week; the work is awesome with them in the ward here. 
We are planning several activities to try and find new investigators.  We are working with the ward and the ward needs some motivation so we are working hard! 

We went to the temple this week, once with the mission and once with the zone and the stake. 
We coordinated an activity with the Stake Pres.  We rented a bus and took 43 investigators to the Visitors Center at the temple. It was an awesome experience.  The spirit was intense. 

I have learned a lot this week, I will have to summarize…
This week I learned a lot about giving advice, being patient, being humble and listening. 
Listening to the spirit, to your comp, to your friends, and having patience to be able to listen to them all.   As missionaries we have been taught to listen before we think, listen to the people, comp, and most important the spirit.  I can testify that the spirit will help us out with all that worries us, if we can only just pay attention,  we won’t be need to worry. 

I also learned this: if we sign a contract, we are legally bound to obey. And we do, we pay, we do, and we follow to a T.  When we are baptized we sign a contract with our Heavenly Father. 
But I see so many people that don’t obey. Since when is it okay to disregard a piece of paper, an eternal contract with God? Our work is not more important than the Sabbath Day.  Our cars or toys are not more important than paying tithing, and our personal likes are not more important than our repentance.  I can testify of the blessings we will receive for if we choose to obey. 
The gospel is true, and we have chosen to follow Jesus Christ but there is no way to follow him halfway, we go 100% or not at all. 

I learned a lot this week!!! 

I love being a missionary; I never get tired of it. 
It’s like reading the BOM, we read the same words but learn different stuff.  It’s the same with the mission, same routine, but we learn new stuff every day.
I know the church is true! 

Elder Galbraith 

Throwback Elder Costeño and I

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