Monday, August 1, 2016

Well this week has been awesome!

Myself and an Elder at the church
Well this week has been awesome!  At the same time a little crazy though, the changes came...I get to stay with Elder Morales! For that reason I am absolutely stoked! I love Elder Morales!  He is the first comp I have had as Zone Leader for 2 cycles! I will be ZL for another cycle, 6 months as ZL. That’s a quarter of the mish!  Ha-ha!

Well remember the other Elder Morales? He finished his mission today. He called me last night to say goodbye and I almost cried.  I couldn’t say goodbye like I wanted. But whatever I will see him in another moment! 

I love my area, so I am super happy to stay here!  There weren’t hardly any changes in the zone, just a couple.  There will be a ton of elders training here in the zone, a ton of greenies! 

Bit My Tongue...OUCH!!!
Oh and guess what? I bit my tongue so hard that I cut it....
SO that sucks. It hurt so badly. But they tell me that it’s not so bad that I will need stitches, so that’s the tender mercy there. But it’s a painful sucker.  How cool huh? Mission Scars!  I love my life! 

Also…can I say that I miss them days of lacrosse. It doesn’t matter how much soccer I play here, it doesn’t fit the need, the boot doesn’t fit! 
I need me a manly sport! 
Soccer just doesn’t do it for me! 
Lax for life! 

This week, we had to take it a little slower because my comp has a busted arm.  But I have learned that sometimes we need to slow down to learn from the Lord.  I learned this week that I had been missing something, we had gotten so focused on some stuff that we failed to see the bigger picture!  We have to always and constantly turn to the Lord, we will not be doing anything good unless we do what he has told us to do!  I have learned that we always need to check with the Lord, he will never lead us astray.

Also, I am nothing special, the Lord has shown me the way and I decided to take it.  I like it better than the world, but it’s the Lord that has done this, and the teachings of the gospel. I’m so grateful I grew up in a Christ centered home.  I realize that it is something that almost doesn’t exist in the world, and I am so thankful that I could grow up in that type of environment!  I am happy because I have family in the gospel that love and serve the Lord! 

I love you all so much! 
Keep up the good work and may we always choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong! 

Elder Galbraith 

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