Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Monday!! I love you and God LOVES you!!!

Well he done…Abel got baptized!  We forgot to take pictures before the baptism, so here are the after pics! Just to shake it up a little bit! Haha!  It was a good experience! 
He wanted the bishop to baptize him this time, so Elder Morales and I didn’t have to wet this time!  But he had to do it 3 times... third times a charm they say! In Spanish you say la tercera la vencida!  It was a good baptism! The spirit was indeed there! 

The diarrhea is gone. It left me for good on Wednesday. So that’s good. 
Yeah that wasn’t fun.  The cool thing is that every time I have gotten sick in the mish I have gotten sick on P-day, so I haven’t had to lose a day of work. 

I have decided that work is good.  We need to keep ourselves busy and be anxiously engaged in a good cause. An idle mind is the workshop of the devil. 

Moses 1:13
I am a child of God.
I don’t think we fully understand that. WE ARE CHILDREN OF GOD. 
He has placed us above all other creatures. 
He has given us his power and trusted us with his kingdom. 
We are created in his image.  It hit me the other day; I am the son of God. I don’t really know how to explain it much better than that; we shouldn’t ever feel bad about ourselves just knowing that!
Alma 7:20
God doesn’t mess up. We are where we need to be, with who we need to be with, at the exact moment that God wants us to be there. 
We are the way we are for a specific reason. 
Our Father in heaven loves us, so much. 
I think we can all reflect on that just a little bit more in the weeks to come.

I testify that Jesus Christ lives. 
To be a witness of that is something special, I was not there, I was unable to see him resurrect, however…it has been made known to me that He lives!  Due to the fact that I wasn’t there I asked someone who was, Heavenly Father. 
Guess what? He told me, HE LIVES. This is his true church and he loves us. 
The Book OF Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was his seer and revelator in these days. 
The church is true. 
I know it. 

Elder Galbraith 

Oh yeah and they buzzed me pretty bad the other day..... go ahead, laugh about it! 

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