Monday, September 12, 2016

Changes, a Baptism and Greenies from Utah!

I want to let you all know that changes came, and I was not called this time, but Elder Morales was.... I will miss him, but he will be going to the exact same area where I was just barely in Oaxtepec in Cuautla! Haha crazy right??  I will be staying in Xico and I am still going to a Zone leader as well.  My next comp is actually an American! He is from Idaho! His name is Elder Draper and I know him from a long time ago in Ayotla! So we are already good buds! How cool right?? I am excited for these changes! 

We had another baptism this week! Believe it or not, they are Americans! From Mesa, Arizona, living in Valle de Chalco. They are all members, but the daughter never got baptized.  Now they are all members!! Jocelynn got baptized!  I feel pretty happy for them! 

Well I have learned that we can’t expect blessing from the Lord if we aren’t reading the scriptures. There are many people who pray for blessings or pray for answers, but don’t read the scriptures. We simply can’t expect blessings if we don’t fulfill our duty and our promise with the Lord. My life makes a lot more sense now that I have been reading the scriptures regularly. I have been able to feel the spirit so much stronger. It’s honestly a blessing to have the scriptures, a blessing that we take for granted sometimes. 

We had to go to the offices today and we found all the new missionaries there! Ha-ha! They all look so.... new! And green! Ha-ha I know that I looked that way when I got here.  I met 2 new Elders from Utah.  One of them is from Provo! He went to Timpview! I don’t remember his name though....I love how excited the new elders are!  They all bring new love and excitement to the work. 

This week I have been pondering much. I got bored with the routine a couple times. And in my studies I was reading in first Nephi, when Lehi was reading the brass plates about his linage and all that, and I learned very clearly from the spirit, they were willing to risk their lives for those plates, they had better be very important. Then it dawned on me, they had to have read those plates like 50 times, but it was the same thing over and over.  That is the beauty of the gospel.  It might seem to be the same thing, but I can testify that there is always something new and marvelous to find.  The spirit will teach us and show us those things, but we have to open to it.  I have tried harder to pay attention to the spirit and to ponder the words.  It has changed my perspective. 

I have also come to the shocking knowledge of my time as a missionary, which saddens me, it’s too fast! But I realized how little the time is.  Whether we are in a mission, or at home, at work, or wherever we are, we need to take advantage of our time there.  We will waste our time if we are constantly thinking that tomorrow will be better, no, right now is perfect and we need to make it that way.  We have been given much to appreciate it, not to wait until the next one.

I love you! 
I know that my Savior lives! 

Elder Galbraith

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