Monday, October 24, 2016

Changes again.....

A good friend of mine Elder Davis, this guy is a champ!!
Well…Elder Draper and I have had a somewhat stressful cycle here.  We have struggled to find investigators, and we have walked a lot.  We found some very good investigators this weekend.  I felt the spirit with them. I could truly feel love for them.  I have been trying harder to feel love for the people, trying to put myself in their shoes. I have been looking for ways to serve and help others. 

And then guess what? They told us that we got changes.... YUP!!  Elder Draper and I will still be companions but they are changing the zone leader´s area!  We will no longer be in Xico; we will still be serving in Valle de Chalco but in another area called Anahuac. It’s actually super close to Xico…so we will actually keep going to the same chapel and everything, so it worked out pretty good, not too bad huh??? :)

Some thoughts I have had this week: 
1) We shouldn’t ever judge or criticize our leaders. We don’t know what is going on behind the scenes of our leaders in the church. 
2) We need to stop complaining. Our lives are too good. I see things here every day that make me wonder how it is that I can complain about how hard my life is!  Some people here don’t even have a house to themselves and I complain about having shiny shoes and stuff. 

I say this because this week we have been a little frustrated we some of the decisions that our leaders have made in the mission here.  We kind of started to complain and bag on them. But recently I have understood that this is not what God would want. We need to trust in God´s plan.  It’s perfect and I am not someone that can oppose what my Father wants. I have been praying to try and understand his will more in my life. 

I am working hard here. Something I have learned to love is the person I have become, and I have become that person because of turning my life over to Him. 
I know the church is true, I know that the BOM is true, and I know that my Redeemer lives. 

Elder Galbraith 

Saying goodbye to some of the elders in the Helaman Zone

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