Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween in Mexico?!?

Eating on P-day
First off, sorry for the grammatical errors, I am Mexican now, and this computer stinks....:)

Second, I love being a missionary!!! 

Ha-ha I can’t believe its Halloween, Halloween sucks in Mexico. There are just a bunch of little stores that they put and sell candy and disguises and stuff.  I do miss the holidays with the fam!  Those were the days! My family this Halloween will be Elder Draper, has a pretty cool brother! Ha-ha! 

I was asked the other day what I thought about the upcoming election…the truth, I don’t care who wins. It’s how the world has come to be that’s just how it will be.  It doesn’t affect my happiness nor my testimony.  Jesus Christ is the one that really govern the world, that’s who really matters.  I think we should try to focus on Him more in these days.  I never gave Him the importance that I should have before my mission, but now and forever more I will! 

It is very important that we have a testimony I can testify of that.  Our testimony is what will tell us that we are okay, it is what will keep us firmly planted when times get tough.  Something I have learned on the mission is that our testimony does not stuff at one level for much time, its either constantly growing or dying, and our actions are what determine the outcome. 
Hey I need to ask y'all to remember my friend Miguel Juarez and the Juarez Family.  Miguel was my Ward Mission Leader in Xico, and his little sister has been sick with cancer for a long time, and yesterday she passed away.  Hits pretty close to home right? Please remember this family in your prayers! 

This week I would like to testify of love and obedience.  I have been trying to love an elder that is a little difficult, and yesterday we talked and little by little I came to understand his situation more, oh and I have been praying for him lately. I felt lots of the spirit in that moment.  Friends I cannot stress enough that we don’t understand people and their situations, but it doesn’t matter, we got to love em! 

I also testify that the love of our savior is more than what we can come to understand.

Yesterday we were talking about the gathering of the house of Israel and the teacher testified and said, I know this church is true, for those of you who don’t know it, think, do you really think missionaries would come to Mexico of all places, to teach us about Jesus.  It hit home, I felt the spirit strong. 

The church is true, Jesus Lives and I know it!   

Elder Galbraith

Eating Breakfast with the Elders

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