Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving, Changes are Coming!

Well to start off, Happy Thanksgiving! I completely forgot again..... I feel kinda dumb. It slipped my mind again. But I don’t need a holiday to know what I am thankful for.  I am thankful for my Savior, more than anything, and second my family.  I am also grateful for the grand plan of happiness, the restoration and the gospel, all of it. I love it!  

Sounds like you guys heard a pretty good talk the other day then! I love that part about bucking up and doing the hard thing, I love it! But we shouldn’t see it as a hard thing; i see it as a challenge, like let me at it!  So we can get better! It’s got to be done sometimes. Speaking of Pres. Crickmore, he always taught us that he prayed for us to have challenges so that we could learn to grow and become men, something I have never forgotten, he prayed challenges to come over us so we could get better, stronger, and more faithful. He taught me tons! 

I also heard some great talks this weekend, it was take conference here in Estaca Solidaridad, an area 70 came, Elder Mirón, he talked about being self-reliant, and about the importance of our own testimony.  We all need to have our own testimony. He talked about reading specifically in the scriptures to be able to receive guidance and instruction about how to get a testimony! I felt the spirit strong!! It was AWESOME! 

Also this week I learned about the Faith.  President Zapata, in the leadership meeting, talked about faith.  He told a story of an Apostle…when he was a mission president he had a missionary that always baptized, in every area. So he sent him as Zone leader to an area where there weren’t baptisms for years, and the elder said to the president that he didn’t believe it, that he refused to believe it and the elder promised to baptize 25 people before the 25th of that month.  He didn’t baptize 25 but he baptized 18! The first 18 people to get baptized there in 6 years!!  Faith is powerful, if we have it centered in Christ! 

I was reading in D&C and I don’t remember where, sorry.... but I read that we need to trust in God better than in the people, I think in like section 3. He taught Joseph Smith a lesson about trusting more in Him than in man, he’s got a point.  I love the D&C! 

This week we did an activity to talk to people in the street. We focused on doing it efficiently, and the truth i loved it, the Elders loved it too!  We had some success! I love this zone! 

Don’t you all worry I am focused and I am working, I love the work! I love being a missionary! It’s the best life! And no, it’s not hard, it’s not a sacrifice; it’s just what God wants. That is not a sacrifice! It’s a blessing, a blessing so big I cannot believe that they give it out so easily to us, the opportunity to serve the Lord, what better could it be? I love it! 

I will be given a new assignment in the next changes, I already know my new area and comp, and I will be needing your prayers!   

I love y’all so so so much! I know that the Church is true! 
I know Jesus Christ lives!! 

Elder Galbraith 

P.S. The pictures are throw back from a previous comp but I thought I would share!

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