Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Sun, Blessings and Mission Life. I Love it Here in Mexico!!

Well…You guys got snow! I got sun! Haha! That’s so crazy! I feel as if i haven’t seen snow in an eternity! It’s weird to see snow after so long, enjoy it! 

I wish I had studied a little more about the priesthood before the mish, and that I had taken it more serious too. It’s seriously such a blessing to hold the priesthood. Members here in Mexico prefer to have the Elders give them blessings than their own members. It’s weird but a blessing. I love the members here; it’s seriously the best place someone could serve a mission! I love it! I sometimes consider myself Mexican! Shhhh ha-ha!  This Sunday I had to opportunity to give a blessing to one of my favorite member friends, who is having a difficult time lately, I felt the spirit pretty intense Sunday! 

Speaking of blessings…BOOM! Miracles huh?! Rousy Ramirez a member here in Mexico City was in Provo UT and visited with my mother this week.  I remember her! Hermana Ramirez I called her! That family rocks! They fed me sooooo much food! I love those guys! Haha she and I talked a ton about Provo and Orem and all the good places to eat and all that. I promised her that I would go look for her brother Jaime after my mission! I still plan on it! I remember helping her daughter get ready for her baptism too!! I also remember the blessing I gave her family member, goes to show you how important are the things we do sometimes, because I had never thought that the blessing I gave was so significant for her. I am glad to know that my little efforts have really helped people.  I think i might be getting a little teary writing this.  That makes me feel good. 

This week we made one final effort to get our investigators baptized, and there will be success! We had 3 interviews for baptisms for our 3 investigators on Sunday! Zuri, Olivia, and Marisela! I felt so happy leaving church that day!  Saturday they will be getting baptized! Pray for them still, they need them! Zuri and Saul will get married and tie the knot on Thursday! 

My letter to the MP this week…

Well this week was a very special one! Elder Draper and I brought our 3 investigators to their baptismal interviews on Sunday! The 3 will be baptized the next Saturday! I feel very very happy for them, and because they are getting baptized. I love this work. I know that we will baptize and baptize and baptize!

The area is going well too, we will see several baptisms in the coming weeks. I feel very happy for the work that we are seeing here in the area this cycle. The District Leaders are very good and I am very happy to be able to say that they are going to be area leaders in a future day.
President, I appreciate you very much and thank you for everything you do for us, I know that His work is many things that we do not see and I thank Jesus Christ for everything.
Keep praying for us!

Well that is my letter for this week!

I know the Church is true, because Jesus Christ lives! 
I know my Redeemer lives!!!!!

Elder Galbraith 

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