Monday, December 5, 2016

Changes, A New Comp, A Trip to the CCM!

Well I want to ask for an apology, I won’t be able to write really all that much today. Changes came this week and my number is up.  President Zapata talked to me a few weeks ago, for my last 2 cycles in the mission I will be one of his assistants. Totally unexpected, I do not feel ready at all. I feel a little nervous about this, and a bit unfit. But I know that Heavenly Father has called me and I will do everything I can.  I will need your help and prayers.   I actually took over the offices last night.  This morning we went to the CCM/MTC to pick up the new missionaries that got here! Keep the new guys in your prayers!  They remind me a lot of me! There are 3 here from Utah!! I got the chance to go back to the CCM after almost 20 months... It has changed A LOT!! 

When we got back to the offices we bought pizza for the new elders and the new sister, and they are being interviewed by President Zapata right now so I took the opportunity to write a few words to my family and friends to let you now that I am doing good! My new calling will be great! A lot of responsibility but I know that the Lord has called me here! I will still need your prayers though! 

This weekend Elder Draper and I baptized 3 of our investigators! Zuri, Olivia, and Marisela all got baptized! I seriously felt strongly the spirit in the baptisms! It was awesome!  They all got confirmed on Sunday! I had the opportunity to confirm Marisela! When I partook of the sacrament, I seriously felt the spirit SOOOO strong, and I felt the impression, that without a single doubt, This is the true church of Jesus Christ, He lives, He died for us and he has given us everything we could possibly need to be successful in this life and to win the eternal life! 

My new Companion is Elder Reading! He’s from Washington! Ha-ha another American! He will be my last companion, he is also my first comp from my generation, Me and him get along super great and I have been AP for like a few hours and we are already making some great plans for the mission!  I feel very good about all this. 

My new area is in Chalco, it’s called Vicente Guerrero! This is where I will finish the mission.

I love you all so much, Keep your heads up and keep up the good work!! 
La iglesia es la verdadera!! 

Elder Galbraith

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