Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I Love Missionary Work, the Church and Jesus Christ, I know He lives!

Well yet again I will say that it does not feel very Christmasy here in Chalco! I have almost forgotten that it’s almost Christmas. But I can always remember Christ more! I have been trying to remember Him more these days! That’s what it’s all about anyways! I was walking through the center of Chalco last night and they had set up some like fake snow machines and it was all in my face and hair and all that. It almost felt like a legit Christmas! It was pretty dang cool! 

Being in a country that isn’t that big on Christmas has made it actually lots easier to focus on Christ. There isn't so much attention on gifts and Santa and all that. I have been able to watch a couple Christmas videos about Jesus and his life and it’s made Christmas more CHRISTmasy! We have been trying to do more service to help people out more, after all we’re just trying to bring a little more joy to the world! 

Thank you all so much for your support. Please keep me in your prayers; I am in a time of the mission when it’s just a Ted Bit harder to focus! (hahahaha) But I just need a little more umf to stay focused! 

For Christmas Elder Reading and I have a ton of work to do.  We are seeing challenges in our area, finding new investigators, and having them progress has made it difficult for us. We are not discouraged. I know that as we strive we will have success! It’s hard for me because I am not used to being out of my area so much but we have been planning the Christmas activity, leadership meetings, changes and the new kids, visas and a ton of stuff. It’s been just a little crazy for time.  But I remain positive! Things are going very good here! 

Elder Reading and I made a Christmas card; it’s kind of more just like a funny card that says Merry Christmas! Ha-ha it’s kind of funny! 

I just want to testify of the truth of the church! It’s true.  We can see it, how the Lord works, miracles and all the amazing stuff he does for us! I know Jesus Christ lives and guides and always invites us to repent and be better!  I know that Christmas is to remember Jesus Christ, and I have tried hard to remember him! I love the work, the church and Jesus Christ, I know he lives!

Elder Galbraith 

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