Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I Love the Mission!!

Well this week was pretty darn cool. Elder Draper and I have been working hard. 
We have been thinking about some stuff we needed to adjust…The attitude. If we have a positive attitude, it’s because we have faith in our savior and His eternal plan. If we have a good attitude, we will focus on the positive, the blessings and we will bring the positive into our life. It’s simply how Christ would do it. We have been working on our attitude. 

I have been thinking lately about our example to others. Being a leader I understand that it’s not all about numbers, not about stats. Being a leader is someone that can better others by simply being there. We should look for the opportunity to better others and inspire and uplift them. I have felt lately that I need to do better in this aspect! 

It doesn’t matter the circumstance, we can have a good attitude. I believe completely in those words! 

In this week I have worked very hard to feel the spirit and to have a better spiritual experience, I have been praying much to be able to understand the spirit. I can honestly say that I have felt such a difference; the spirit has been much stronger this week. I want to have this feeling always; i know i got to work a little harder with the spirit. We all do! 

We are working pretty hard with some investigators; their names are Zuri, Olivia, and Saul. Saul is a member already is getting active just barely, but him and Zuri need to get married, we have met with the judge and we are going with them tomorrow to make an appointment for their wedding.  They are super stoked! I can see that they are suuuuper happy to get baptized. Keep them in your prayers!

Another on is Maricela, mother of a recent convert, wants to get baptized but she has some problems with the swearing..... She is trying really hard but she needs some help. 
We are having such great success here, I love the mission, and I love this area! 

Update: Another general authority is coming to the mission on Wednesday. Elder Pino, I don’t remember his first name... but it’ll be a great experience! I am excited!!!!

I have a testimony. I have decided to simply believe. I got on my knees, and I asked for an answer. I got one.  I know it’s true, but that’s not enough I know that the testimony is always growing or shrinking, I want to always strengthen it, and we should always remember our spiritual experiences! 

I know this church is true, I know my Redeemer lives! 

Elder Galbraith

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