Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Some of my best friends who are also Zone Leaders
Well the rundown of the week: 
We had a ton of juntas, sorry meetings, this week.... which is always kind of…whatever, because I’d rather be working. We had 2 meetings with one of the area presidency here in Mexico, Elder Rafael E Pino. He is pretty cool, super spiritual too! Turns out that Elder Pino and his wife have a house super close to ours too! How crazy is that? One of our neighbors is an authority!!! Behave yourselves now!  He talked about working more efficiently, and how working hard but not efficient is like cutting down a tree with an axe that doesn’t have the blade sharpened. It made sense. We have talked, Elder Draper and I about what things we can do better, and have decided that we need to rely on the spirit more. He will guide us. Also that we need to have more lessons in the church. More friends for our investigators that can visit them without us being there, so this week we got tons to do! 

Today Elder Draper and I gave our zone conference to the zone Helaman! We did it differently today, it was pretty short, but we all read the talk “Through the Eyes of the Lord” by Dale G Renlund and talked about love towards our investigators. It was probably the most spiritual conference we have given in the mission.  It was awesome! I personally have been praying tons for this change in me, and it is taking effect. 

Letter to my MP!!

Well today I have to say that our zone meeting was one of my favorites. I felt the spirit super powerful today in the meeting.  I feel that we made progress with our Elders.  Again I stressed the importance of love, and I testify of the words of Moroni, “If we do not have charity we are nothing.” We have the best mission area here in Helaman! I love Valle de Chalco. I feel very happy with the district leaders we have here, they are very good. I am also happy for the obedience of the elders, there are always improvements to be made but I am very pleased with what I have seen lately. Thank you very much for everything President, we love you very much here in Helaman. VIVA CHALCO

One of my best friends in Mexico Brother Beto!
I want to testify that I know that the Church is true. It makes me happy to be able to say that I was raised in this Church by a faithful Mom. That means so much more to me now. You got no idea. I know that Jesus Christ lives, I have been able to feel His healing power so much, I know what the Atonement is now, and I have a testimony about it. I know that My Redeemer Lives!! 

Elder Galbraith

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