Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Family, Friends, Esteemed Colleagues, and others...

Family, Friends, Esteemed Colleagues, and others 

First off, please forgive my poor English; I do not speak my own language very good anymore.

Indeed it is true that I have transfers!! Goodbye Huitzilzingo! But here’s the problem... I am not totally sure where I will be going! The mission has changed its boundaries, and I get to go open an area out there in the new part of the mission, actually in another state! State of Morelos! It’s going to be a new experience for the whole mission.... ha-ha I am super excited though, I get open my third area in a row... It’s what the Lord wants for me! 

The baptisms went good! We exceeded our own expectations and we were able to baptize 4 people on the 31st of December! Gabriel, Adriana, Patricia, and Yolanda! 
We were blessed big time here! I have been praying to be able to baptize and we did it! I know of the Lords love for us, I know it’s real, real powerful, I have felt very strongly of the spirit in these times! It’s truly amazing! They all got confirmed on Sunday and I felt so happy, they felt happy too, They have told me on several occasions that they have felt the spirit through feelings and to hear that, makes me feel so happy, that the Lord is working with this people, that the Lord loves them and wants them back with him, they told me to find them, to put up with them, and to baptize them before this life, and that’s what I will do.  I feel very content leaving Huitzilzingo in E. Rods hands now; he gets to stay here in Huitzi.  

I went on divisions and look what I found!
I have seen the 2 sides of life, those who live the commandments and those who don’t. We all know why we should obey them, we all know why we should live the gospel and so I say DO IT. It is so much better to work hard in the gospel, to obey, to seek Christ and to have him on our side, or better said to be on HIS side. 
I feel so happy when I see families living the gospel, when they take those steps, and feel this joy, and unfortunately it brings me sadness when I see people, that choose not to live that way, and fall away. 
If we strengthen our faith, we will not have to worry about falling away, we will be taken care of, we will have the strength and what is necessary to endure and accept what comes with smiles. 

Here is what I wrote to President Crickmore today: 

Pues este es todo, E Rodriguez ya creció alas y esta casi a punta de volar, no puedo creer que tan rapido es el tiempo a veces...
yo me esforzé con el y espero el mejor por el.
Presidente nosotros vimos muchos milagros aquí en Huiltzilzingo 1, pudimos llevar 4 almas a las aguas de bautizmo el 31 de dicimbre! yo siento muy contento dejándola con Elder Rodriguez, ya sabe que yo me voy!! a quien sabe donde pero a Moroni!
Y se que mi padre celestial tiene algo muy especial planeado para mi.
Pero mi vacuna hoy no fue algo que esperaba, y la hermana Alvarado es mas fuerte que yo pensaba!
Gracias por todo Presidente!
Aprecio todo lo que hace por nosotros, en verdad!

Elder Galbraith

I truly know that Jesus lives.  I know he is the Christ and that he loves each and every one of us! 

Keep doing what you know is right! 

Elder Galbraith 

Mexico City, Chalco Missionaries 

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