Monday, January 18, 2016

Ay estamos, mis queridos!

Ay estamos, mis queridos.

It is good to hear that from ya’ll (those who email me)! I am glad to hear that things are still normal.

My last district in Huitzilzingo
I know how great and rich the blessings are for praying. First off I have never prayed so much in my life and I can see such a difference. I just felt the need to say that. 

I pray a ton! And due to that I feel so much closer to the Lord, crazy right? Close to the Lord in Mexico, but it’s true.  I feel his love and I receive his guidance! 

I have been working and working and surprisingly it doesn’t seem that difficult anymore.  The time is crazy fast, last week was literally a blur, and I feel like I am in a movie.  I wake up and everything is on fast forward. 

We have a pretty big area and sometimes we have to walk like a full hour to get to some appointments.  But I have seen some pretty sweet miracles lately.  We went to the house of a family,  we sat down to talk and to one of the daughters wants to get baptized but her husband won’t let her talk with the missionaries, and he was there this day but he went and hid outside in his car when we got there.  We sat down and that amazing little nudging from the spirit came, and it was telling me that I should get and go invite him to join us. So being the person I am, I ignored it. 

It came back stronger and I couldn’t ignore it anymore, so I went and talked with Victor, the husband, for a little bit and he joined us! He liked it a lot actually, and ever since then he has loved listening to the missionaries and is super excited to go to church.

We also asked a reference from this family and they gave us on of their other son Jose Antonio and we went, and he accepted us! He wants to listen and still wants to get baptized! Miracles right??  

I keep praying for y’all! 

I think of you while are working and all that.  I always pray for you, so that you can do well on the job, or in whatever things you guys normally do! It’s all about faith or thinking positively!  I know it’s hard, but God gave us of the hard and the bad so that we know of the good. 

Well I am actually getting a lot more familiar with my area.  I like my comps!  They’re super cool guys and we work hard together!  My area is big but it’s awesome! 
We are able to see miracles here, and I am confident that baptisms will come again soon! 

Here's what I wrote to my President: 

Primeramente me arrepiento por decir que íbamos a dividir nuestra área, no lo vamos hacer.
Solo requiere diligencia y un planeamiento eficaz, entonces, me gustaría quedarnos así.
Mucho éxito aquí en Lomas de Real, hay muchos miembros muy muy dispuestos a trabajar con nosotros y estamos progresando como consejo también.
Me gusta mucho por acá y no hace tanto calor como me decían.
Siento que hay que aplicar a como comenzar dejar con algunos investigadores nuestros.
Toda esta muy bien con mis compañeros, y encontramos que enseñando en trió es mucho mas eficaz cuando haya plan de lección o bosquejo.
Hemos puesto muchas metas y y planes a llevarlas a cabo.
Siga orando por nosotros.
Gracias por todo Presidente.

Elder Galbraith

I love you so much, and I can testify of the blessings that come from obeying the commandments, going to church, praying, and reading of the scriptures. I live it, I breathe it, and I love it! 

This is what God wants for us, he wants happiness, and this is the way that we find the greatest happiness available in this life, 

I testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. 

Me and Elder Antonio 

With Love,


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