Monday, January 18, 2016

January 11, 2016

Well… I would like to let you know that all is good here in my hood, and trust me, that am where I am at...

Me and my new companions
Ha-ha nah just kidding!  I actually upgraded areas! The mission changed limits! We gave up 2 stakes in Ixtapaluca and Iztapalapa.  So where I spent 6 months in my first area is no longer part of the Mexico City Chalco Mission!!!  But we won 3 stakes in the state of Morelos, it’s another state. It’s a lot hotter here and a lot cleaner!!  Its super cool here!  But my area is HUGE!! It’s insane; it’s bigger than all of my first 2 areas put together! Crazy right?  It’s called Lomas de Real, and it’s been real. They sent me back to the hills! ha-ha! I will be getting back into shape now!  My new companions are My new companions Elder Avery, from Plain City Utah, and Elder Costeño from tlaxcala Mexico.  Can you tell which one is which?

We don’t have a ward, it’s just a branch and not many people attend.  I think yesterday there were about 40 people.   But they are a strong people, I have never felt more welcomed and more supported, they want to help a lot. So that makes me happy, It’s kind of confusing trying to know the area again, but this time my area is enormous!

Oh and guess what???? I am District Leader.... Trust me, I didn’t see it coming either... they told me… my jaw hit the floor when they announced it in the reunion of the changes. 
My district is PURE SISTERS.... ha-ha this will be super fun!! 

We have talked about the WHY here so many times in the mission, to focus on the why and the how and when will be taken care of.  I like to think that the basics are like the building blocks, and everything else is like the mortar, it just falls into place!  It’s not hard to place brick and if we do it right, then placing the mortar is super easy and we don’t have to work as hard. 

I have learned many things but overall lately I have been thinking a lot about a scripture in Alma 7:20.  It talks about how God can’t walk in wrong paths or something, it’s different a little in Spanish, but what i learned is that Heavenly father does NOT MAKE MISTAKES.  He cannot sin, nor make a mistake.  He is perfect and everything he does is for a purpose, for our better good!  If we have something difficult that is happening to us, it is because we need it, and God has not messed up, not put us in the wrong place, nor given us the wrong calling, what he does is perfect, in his time and in his own way. 

I complained a little bit when I first found out about having to open another area, to have to be in a land super far away from everything, to do something new and waaaaaaay out of my comfort zone, I complained.  But I realized I needed to repent and understand more about myself and try to focus more on what God wants from and for me. I needed to be humble and accept that I am not the best person to determine my destiny.  So I have decided, once again, to devote myself to what my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ want from me.  I testify that if we put our faith in them, we cannot be scared, broken, defeated, nor hurt, because they will strengthen us, protect us, heal us, and sustain us. Because He loves us, more than we can imagine! 

I am super glad to be a missionary because the things I have learned in my short time here in Mexico would have taken me a lifetime to understand in the world.  I have learned and grown so much and I know that all of it is for a purpose and it literally fills me with joy to be able to know it. 

I love you all!


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