Thursday, April 2, 2015

April 1, 2015

Hey guys!
How are you??? Whats been going on??

This week has been pretty good, working hard everyday. I go to bed super tired every night. I have been sleeping actually really good,  I am getting up everyday at six thirty, sometimes earlier, and I am doing a lot better than I thought I would. I'm not really that tired when I first get up, but I struggle staying awake in class. However I’m working very hard to improve.  I still don't like waking up early, but at least I'm the one that actually gets up, my companion struggles trying to get up and usually sleeps in all the time.  My Companion and I are getting along quite well.  He's from Bentonville, Arkansas and he's a really great guy!  He's going to the same mission as me! 

I seriously pray probably close to 10 to 15 times a day, sometime more, it insane, but it's the only way to talk with God and receive the answers and comfort I need.

I actually have a lot more time to myself than you'd think, obviously not alone alone, but I get a ton of quite time to study and pray and read scriptures every day and that's awesome!

We had a devotional last night and we watched Elder Russell M Nelson and it was super good! He told me to tell you thank you for letting me go on a mission, He knows it's a huge sacrifice but that it will benefit us all in the end. Sunday we watched Elder David A Bednar and that one was amazing,!  He talked about putting off the natural man and turning yourself outwards instead of inwards. It was super amazing. I felt the spirit pretty good that day, Sundays freaking rock out here. They're super chill, with tons of spiritual experiences, however they're short lived cause come Monday we're right back to work, Not much rest here at the CCM. I'm starting to like it here and I'm starting to have a ton of fun. The Spanish is actually coming along muy bueno! I'm making a ton of friends here and this place is full of good times. 


Struggles do happen here, I have a teacher her name is Hermana Vargas and she can be compared to Tina or Ms Young,(teachers from school I struggled with) and I struggle with her... But I pray constantly that I will be able to work it out somehow.

Another struggle is that when I have a hard time focusing I get down on myself and beat myself up pretty hard. You know how it goes.

I'm writing today because they switched my P-day to Wednesday just for this week because we had to go to the Mexican Consulate for our visas.  

Downtown Mexico City
We got to experience Mexico for reals. We walked the streets, bought street tacos, met some crazy people, and then waited in lines for hours. 

But from here on out at the CCM my P day is Thursday.

I get my stitches out today! At 2 o clock. So say a little pray for me ! 

I miss you guys all so much and I pray for you daily. 
The lord is the only way we have happiness in our lives, remember Him always. 

Love Ted

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