Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Words from an Apostle and a Trip to Zócalo

Hello My Awesome Family and Friends!!

Things here are good still. I'm progressively getting better every day.
This week was weird, full of stuff but at the same time not that much. Elder Parker got hurt and was sick so we had to stay in a day, and I hated it! Super boring...

But guess what!? Guess who came to my mission on Friday?! 
Elder David A Bednar! He came to Chalco! It was a once in a lifetime experience! I still can't believe it! He's sooooooo cool! He delivers a powerful message too, the spirit was so strong. It felt so good, I can't explain it, but it was so amazing. He spoke about being an agent and not an object. When we ask the Lord for stuff, he isn't going to give it to us if he can help us learn it, you can give a man a fish and feed him for a meal, or you can teach him to fish and feed him for a lifetime. All the Lord asks is that we show a little faith and act. That's what it means to be an agent and not an object. An object waits to be acted upon and an agent acts. David A Bednar is the man!!!  He is super funny too! He was trying to use the few Spanish words he knew and we were laughing so hard at some points, but in a totally reverent way at the same time. He spoke about how nothing we own is really ours, but it's because the Lord allowed it and blessed us with that, so for that reason we need to be willing to sacrifice even if it's not convenient. I cannot believe that happened!! Elder David A Bednar, the golden eagle, in Chalco, teaching me. I love that guy!  That’s my spiritual 2 cents with Elder Ted. 

I'm slowly starting to make some friends outside my zone, I'm pretty tight with my zone but I don't really know anyone outside them and I’m trying to change that.
I went to a baptism the other day; a former investigator of Elder Parker's and It got me pretty excited to baptize someone now. I need to work really hard though, because in this area, it's gonna be a little more difficult, but I’m up to the task! 

Today we went to the center of the city, Zócalo, with all the big catholic cathedrals and all that jazz.  It was super cool, but we made the mistake of taking a tourist bus and we broke down, man I really have bad luck with buses! Then we got stuck in traffic and got back to our area late... But I still had fun! Below are  some pictures. 

In front of the G & A church...

Trying to take a selfie with a Mexican monument

I'm trying my best to keep my mind focused on the right stuff, and like I said, I’m getting better but it's a process and it's gonna be just a tiny bit longer before I’m 100 percent efficient in my mind. The Lord helps me out so much down here, you have no idea, and i know it's cause I got my family and my own personal fan section at my back. I love you guys! 

Investigators are good, we have one who's been coming to church, but I guess her memory is bad because she's been a member for 7 years and didn't remember... We checked her records and sure enough! She's a member... so that’s weird. But one of our other investigators Esteban and his family are slowly progressing! They seem super interested and have slowly started keeping commitments, but won't come to church! We gonna keep it up with them though! 

You guys mean so much to me, which is why I need to stick this out; I know I can do it. It'll be rough and hard but I wanna do this. I couldn't be doing anything better with my time, and I know you guys will grow and learn along with me, even though we're not together. This is only possible through the Lord. 
I love you guys so much! 

Elder Ted

Elders Darcy, Faz, Parker and me of course!!

Elder Parker and me taking a selfie

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