Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 2 in el Campo Misionero

Hello My Dear Friends and Family!

It was super good to be able to SEE and talk to the family on Sunday. It hasn't made it harder on me it actually helped me out a ton. Every time I read one of your letters or talk to you it helps me!

This Church is so true. It is the only Church that is this true; I know it without a single doubt. No other church can offer what this church can offer, no other church can offer the peace and tranquility that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints offers, because, although, it is a church, I know it's so much more than that, it's a lifestyle and it's the kind of lifestyle that I want for my family now, and my future family. I love this church. I know it's true because without the truth I would have been right back on my doorstep at home after I got in my accident en la CCM. Without the truth of this iglesia (gospel) no one would be converted or feel the spirit.  We would all be lost without knowing it!

I never realized how much I would be walking as a missionary.  We walk EVERYWHERE!!  My shoes have already started to come apart.  I also never realized how much I would miss music.  I think that at this point I would even listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  I need music.  

So some have asked about how Cinco Do Mayo was.  Just wait until you hear this.  Nothing happened.  It is not a Mexican holiday at all.  It was a regular day of missionary work for us.  I know not what you expected.

My favorite food down here is the Tortas! They take bread, cut it open and jam meat, tamales, and just about everything else in there. They're amazing. I also really like the gorditas, they're just as mouth-watering. I freaking love the food down here. 

Have I gotten rained on? Gee let me think.... ABOUT EVERYDAY!!! It rains like crazy down here.

Traffic is loco, literal insanity, I don't know how people survive on the roads here, and there is no order, no lines, stoplights, or crosswalks. You just kind of go and pray you live down here. 

Well I feel the Lord ever day here.  Every day is hard to wake up as early as we do, but I do it somehow. The Lord helps me learn Española which isn't as easy as I once heard, he helps me to work hard, The Lord gives me experiences to help me grow and learn and I have literally grown so much already, I can already tell. 

Favorite spiritual experience was Saturday night. We got a call about a girl who was "Possessed" with a demon, and when we got there she was convulsing and wigging out.  She literally started freaking out and saying some pretty crazy things that I won't repeat, and it kind of freaked me out. So we gave a blessing with some other missionaries, the bishop and one member. We blessed her with the power of the priesthood.   I felt the spirit strong. When we were done, she was normal again. I now know that the adversary is very real, and we need to live accordingly so that he can't hurt us. 

Favorite scripture this week is Mosiah 2:41.  Read it and you will know why.

Elder Parker is good! I love this guy, he teaches me so much and he's literally more of a friend than a companion. I was very blessed with him. He hurt his ankle yesterday so keep him in your prayers!!

I want you to know that I will complete this mission.  I will do it. Thanks for all your letters.  Your advice keeps me going.  I can't wait to hear from you again and I'll be needing your prayers MUCHO! Mission life is super hard but it's super rewarding, I've gained an enormous testimony and my Spanish has improved mucho! 
I'm doing pretty good con mi espanol (with my Spanish), I actually have started to forget some English, and my companion tells me I talk in my sleep…sometimes in Spanish!! Which makes sense because I dream in Spanish!  I love Spanish; I can't wait to be fluent, Spanish rocks!

I'm feeling better about myself now, a little bit more sure and whatnot.

I love you guys so much and I'll send some more pictures, keep me in your prayers!

Your boy 


PS...Enjoy the pictures from the CCM!  I haven't taken many in the field due to the crime rate.  Welcome to Mexico City!!

Like my Raincoat? Haha

Impersonation of our instructor
Hno L. Palma

I love the glasses!

Our district with our Instructor
I'm the Cheeseball in the middle!

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