Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Church is True!

¿Como esta?

I heard it has been raining a lot back home... Come to Mexico, it rains super hard EVERYDAY, and sometimes hails. Crazy huh? Ice in Mexico, but it's true. It's to the point that I constantly have my jacket with me. ALWAYS!!

I've decided that you guys are all going to learn a little Spanish with me. So I will teach you a new Spanish word every week.  How does that sound?  The Spanish word for this week is actually a phrase, Como se frijole?  Which means... How you BEAN?! Ha-ha I crack myself up sometimes!  The Mexican humor is kind of different down here, but it's like how ya been but how ya bean cause frijole means bean.  I'm awesome, I know it. 

I hear some of you have been doing lots of yard work…well I'm not jealous of all your yard work because I do plenty of that down here, well maybe not yard work but plenty of other work, proselyting, teaching, walking, service, waking up early ya know.   We work every day, we walk everywhere and my area is in the hills.  So I have to walk up hills all day, I've lost weight actually, my pants look a little baggy on me. The thing is that I don't have weight to lose!

I have to come to know that my sister Erin is with me constantly because there's no way I’d be able to teach down here without a great deal of patience, and I know without a doubt that she is helping me greatly with that. I love that girl and I know through the power of the Atonement we all have the chance to live with our loved ones again!  We can see them again and love them again, but that doesn't mean that we stop loving them now.   We love them forever and always and look forward to seeing them again. However, this doesn't mean it's just given to us, anything good in this world is EARNED through tons of hard work and perseverance!  We have to work hard, but it's not just about us, we have millions of lost brothers and sisters out there that desperately need our help. This gospel is amazing, because it's true, and I can feel it. There is no way on earth that I’d have stuck it out as long as I have here in Mexico without the truth of this Church. The church is true!! 

So this week was good, all of our baptism dates fell through but one.  His name is Rueben and he really wants to be baptized.  We initially contacted him in the street, and he was really drunk. Like beyond drunk. But he invited us to his house later and Elder Parker was able to teach him...and he came to church yesterday!  I say Elder Parker taught him because we were in divisions and I was with another Elder in another area for a day.
Now I'll talk about my experience with divisions, There is a reason that the mission has rules, to protect us, and because obedience is the way of the Lord. It's an act of faith to be obedient, and this elder is not that. He's a good guy but has no desire to teach or work. For all those future missionaries, come prepared to work, not to sleep in and mess around, to work! You will have fun, for sure, but the Lord comes first. 

Today we had a massive day of sports!  We played soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  
Unfortunately no lacrosse, what kind of country doesn't have lacrosse?! Oh that's right Mexico... Also, I bought my first soccer jersey today.   That was fun!

Every day is a little bit better, even if it's a bad day because the bad days have tons to learn from.  This experience is hard. So hard, but I know the Lord wants me here, and I'm doing it!  I can to change my attitude, and I know that I can stick this out.
Also I found out that one of the Hermnas from my CCM district went home and my district leader is in the hospital... Sad news I know.

Life is good here in Mexico, I like Mexico, but don't get me wrong, the USA is the best country in the world and I will bawl my eyes out when I see an American flag again.

I love you all so so much, keep your heads up, keep fighting, keep the faith, and don't ever give up.

Elder Galbraith
The Man
Ted Nuts
I have many names, oh yeah and the people here, cannot pronounce my name, at all. 

Me and Elder Parker

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