Monday, June 1, 2015

Life in Mexico City is Good!!

Hello My Dear Family and Friends!

¡Le amo! 
Which means I love you! 

As I am here in Mexico I am realizing, everything I do is out of my comfort zone, but Jordan shared with me this quote a couple weeks ago, there is no growth in the comfort zone, and there is no comfort in the growth zone. The only way that we can do the Lords work is by leaving comfort behind us (for a time) and doing what he has asked.  It may be hard and we may hate it at first, but as we go, our lives will change, for the better, and we will GROW so much. I am talking a lot about myself right now mostly because this is exactly what I have been learning down here. I grow more and more accustomed to the life here, and am becoming more like a missionary every day. I am forgetting English, I cannot remember how to use a phone, or a computer, I cannot remember a lot actually, and I think that’s a blessing in some ways. I love this church!

I heard about Elder Perry, truly a spiritual giant he was, he will definitely be missed, but the thing is that he is en un mejor lugar. which means he is in a better place, his work was done, and the Lord needed him for something better. 

Anyways your Spanish word for the week is... luchar which means FIGHT.
And that may sound bad, but this life is a fight, a fight to choose the right. Normally fighting is frowned upon, especially in lacrosse games.... haha! But seriously we need to fight every day to get up and work, work to serve, work to help, work to make others’ lives better, and you want to know what? This fight does not end. Satan is not going to give up, cause he has nothing better to do, he blew his chance, so he has to do everything he can to tear us down, and I will not live another second in his grasp, I am so sick of him hurting my loved ones, which is why I am here, FIGHTING to end his power. This concludes my spiritual thought for this week, Love you.

Anyways, my area is interesting, it is all hills... I walk up and down steep hills all day, it is getting easier every day but it is a struggle for sure, there is trash EVERYWHERE, there are dogs and poop everywhere, and there are drunks everywhere too. But there are good people here too; we have found 7 new investigators this week!! And they are good people; they just need a little direction. 

The apartment is small, but it does the job, we have a shower and to get hot water we have to heat up a boiler and the water pressure is kind of lame, There is no such thing as carpet in Mexico either, it is all tile or cement. 

The bed is better than the one in the CCM for sure.  I do not have a sheet with the elastic part so I have been using a normal sheet, so that’s a little weird, but I love my bed, not as much as my bed at home but I love it just the same. 

My Mission President is awesome!!  President Crickmore is super cool, I love him!  He actually cares about me, he checks on me, and he is such a genuine person, I love it. If there was a person I want to be like when I grow up, it is him, and many others, but he is just one.   I do write him every week.

Funny or interesting experiences hmmmmm well we taught a lesson to a man and his son who love death metal music so we had to listen to a couple songs first, so that was weird, I ate a mango... I do not like them that much but my comp told me that I will learn to love them. We found an investigator that only has one eye, and loves to drink... and swear....

Highlight this week was this, my eye has been bugging me for like 2 weeks, it was hurting and I was constantly tearing up.  It just wouldn’t stop tearing, so finally I asked Elder Parker for a blessing and ever since then I have been completely fine, no pain in my eye. 
I cannot believe how true this church is, I love it. 

This is the life down here, that’s all I can say, I am trying so hard to love it down here, and it’s getting better. 

I still need your prayers, you still need mine.  That’s just how the church works. 

I love you!! 

Elder Galbraith 

I got my first authentic Mexico jersey today! 

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