Tuesday, June 30, 2015

We have seen many miracles!

We have been seeing many miracles here in Mexico!

Well this week we had a multi zone conference and I had to teach in front of eveyone! 3 different zones and the Mission President! I thought I sucked but my Mission President told me after that he was super, super impressed, that I did amazing AND that my Spanish is amazing for only having 3 months. So that was really cool! President Crickmore is an amazing man, I love him. 

My companion Elder Parker and myself 

I have a really good relationship with my MP, and with my Zone leaders too, they’re some of my best friends!

So this week was pretty normal, working every day, hot in the mornings and rains hard as turf in the night!!

The weeks feel as if they go by pretty fast.  I only have 2 weeks left in my training! 

We had about the same amount of people come to church this week, Maria de La Paz came again, and the  Guerrero Sanchez family came again.  Oh and we helped activate 1 less active member and are close with one other family! The work is good!

I am really praying for Jose Luis!!  He has Leukemia and I feel very close to his situation as we all know.

Elder Palascios and me

Thank you for the advice about anger, it is very true, I have been trying so hard to leave it behind, because I don’t want to kill someone!  I have come a long way.  I can already see and feel a very large difference! 

Life is good here, I still wish I could listen to music and watch TV and stuff, but I am trying hard to remember that this is the Lord’s time and I need to respect that. 

I actually have a member now that washes our clothes... ha-ha I don’t want to wash by hand anymore, that stuff sucks. 

We get fed everyday here too, mostly by members but occasionally one of our investigators will feed us. 

I miss my family, but I love being a missionary too, and I feel like the time will fly by, and it will all be worth it!  

Your Spanish words this week are Vale la pena, which means it’s worth it. Vale la pena. 

I know that we aren’t together right now, but I still feel like that we are in spirit; I have your courage and determination down here all the time!   I have seen miracles here.  It’s very true, that the Lord is with me, and he can be with you too, just invite him in. 

 I love you all so much!


Elder Parker and I playing tazzos

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