Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Fathers Day and a miracle!

Well Happy Father's Day to all, my Dad, Ty, grandpa and my various uncles and others.  Sounds like you guys are keeping busy, this is good, because I am super busy down here too, ALWAYS. But this is a good thing because if I wasn't the time would never go by. 

Life is good here in Ixtapaluca, we tear it up daily, contacting and teaching and praying and all that jazz.  We had a miracle this week, we had 15 investigators total in the chapel!! It was awesome! We found a family, a big one, and they all came to church!  They have a grandson, Jose Luis, who has cancer and he left the hospital for a weekend and just the perfect one to come to church. He's awesome!! That whole family is awesome. And another miracle, Maria de la Paz came for a second week in row! That has not happened yet! So I am pretty stoked about it! 

Anyways today was good, I gave all my laundry to a member and so I have been wearing the same pair of garments for 2 days.... Didn't really think that one through! Oops...

We played a very competitive game of soccer today with a bunch of other missionaries, and we also went bowling oddly enough!! P-Days are great, just a little time to relax before the hard grind starts up again. 

Well I was thinking about my life and my mission one day and I realized how right, or how correct my call is. I have thought sometimes that they got it wrong, like all other missionaries, but as I have grown and spent a little time here, I have realized how correct it is. I am starting to be Mexican, and I am starting to like it.  The spicy food is becoming normal, and I no longer fear contacting or working, I look forward to it!  I am growing more and more comfortable here.  The work was made for me, my Mission President is perfect for me and just the way they do things here is perfect for me.

My Spanish is getting pretty great, I can almost read everything out of my Spanish scriptures.  The food is really good, but sometimes, every once in a while, I get something simply horrible, Like real fatty pig skin, or mushrooms, or chicken feet. And I have had to force myself to eat a bunch of mangoes, peaches, and apples.... Life is good! 

So after we met with the family with the grandson that has cancer (Jose Luis), Hermana Raquel who was with us, a member, told us their story about her daughter who had cancer, and afterwards Elder Parker said I don't how anyone could imagine what it's like to go through that.  I said, “Actually Elder I can.” So I finally told him about Erin.  It's was kind of hard telling someone about her, but I feel like I should do that more. I miss her so bad sometimes! 

I have been trying really hard to change myself, because I have a temper, and I am so tired of being angry, I don't like it so I have been pleading with the Lord to help me. And he has! Already I have seen improvements! 

I love you all so much! You are the best!  Keep on keeping on and never forget your reason for being here! God and Jesus Christ!

Elder Galbraith

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