Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Maria de La Paz is getting baptized!!

Maria de La Paz is getting baptized!!  This Saturday at 3:00 pm! BOOM! Yeah!!  I am going to have a baptism in my training! She is going to be sooooo happy! I am sooooo happy! 

Jose Luis is good, he left the hospital just barely and he can't leave his house, so they haven't come to church in a little bit... but we will keep working. 

I am getting pretty sad, Elder Parker leaves real soon and it sucks having a comp that’s getting ready to go home, because all they talk about is home and I just got here.... Also cause I am going to miss my friend. 

I have learned we just need to love, we can't judge either, love unconditionally, like Jesus would and does. If we continue praying for strength and it will come, continue praying for help and it will come. I pray every day for things like that and I can honestly testify that I receive so much help from God.  I am so blessed, and I know that you guys back home are being blessed too! The blessings and miracles from God are sooooooo real, and soooooo awesome! We as Latter day saints are blessed. God loves us, and I love him back! This life rocks, LDS for life! 

Anyway, my week was good! We went to Socalo in the center of Mexico City again.  We just barely got back.  We went inside the great and abominable church today. It's huge. Pure gold everywhere, tons of weird people in robes and stuff, and the weirdest part, the spirit isn't there.  My whole life the spirit has been inside the churches of our church, but it wasn’t there in this one. 

I had divisions with my buddy Elder Smith, the other Zone Leader, and Elder Santos.  Two divisions in one week, and they were both awesome! 

Worked hard this week, just like usual, contacted a whole bunch of people, and did a lot of good! 

I know that things can be rough now in this life, but we know that the way we act determines a lot.  We always have a choice to act like Jesus even if we aren’t treated like he would treat us, but he wasn't treated very well either. So nothing should weaken our faith! We act like Jesus and we will receive blessings, simple as that.  We will get so much happier as we go too.  Life will make sense, and we will see life in a whole new perspective. Because we know that there is something much greater prepared for us AFTER this life, much grander and much more important, and how we are now determines what we get after. 

I love you guys all so much and I look forward to your emails all week!
Life is good here, and just keeps getting better.  Keep praying for me.  Keep praying that I will work hard.  Keep praying for my investigators especially, and keep praying in general! 

I love you all so much! 
The Church is true! 

Elder Galbraith

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