Monday, July 27, 2015

Elder Camacho from Hildago, Mexico is My New Companion

Hello to all My Family and Friends!

Adios Elder Parker
Well, Elder Parker has gone home.  He was an awesome mission Dad, and I kind of miss him just a little. My new companion is awesome, Elder Camacho, from Pachuco, Hidalgo, Mexico.  I don’t know exactly where that is but he says it is real close.  I was nervous about getting a new companion and not being able to communicate with him, but we can communicate perfectly.  He hardly speaks English but I can speak Spanish with him and he helps me with my Spanish and vice versa.  He’s really cool!  He only has 2 months more than me and so I no longer have to worry about listening to someone talk about home all day long, which is nice.  Pres. Crickmore told me that I would have a companion who would help me get lost in it, and I can honestly say that’s true.  He’s helping me a ton! I don’t think about home all the time anymore. 

Elder Camacho, my new companion and Me!
I have learned, we have to put everything on the altar of the Lord to be completely successful and blessed in the mission, EVERYTHING, fears, worries, things from our life before, things of the world, all of that. I read a talk Elder Parker gave me, and I forget who gave it but it’s about being a consecrated missionary.  We need to give everything to the Lord.  It’s something I easily apply to sports, lacrosse, etc. during practice, and conditioning, we need to go just that much more, that much harder, give that much more to be successful. When we do this, we will be successful.  Consecrated missionaries leave nothing behind, nothing in the tank and nothing for later.  They are ready to go in the morning and tired when they return in the night.  They obey the rules because they want to, not because they have to. 

I am trying to love the people here in Mexico.  I can honestly say I love the people in my ward here, but sometimes it’s a struggle to love everyone else. 
I am trying, and I am giving an effort in everything.

Maria de la Daz, she’s like a grandma to us down here, super awesome, super giving, and has already almost finished the book of Mormon.  We did some service for her this Saturday.  We put new roof on her house because it was leaking pretty badly.  I worked hard, so that was good. 

This week was good, had to find my footing a little bit without Elder Parker, but again Elder Camacho has been here to help me a ton, he’s pretty awesome! We have been struggling getting people to come to church, and so that’s our biggest struggle right now.  I will find the best way to invite people, because it’s necessary that they come to the church or they won’t progress! 

We all need to understand, that not all of us can be a consecrated missionary, BUT we can all be a consecrated Member.  We have to give it all to the Lord, EVERYTHING, and he will give us what we need, physical, mental, and spiritual. Put it all on the altar of sacrifice, and just watch the blessings flow.   We have to give it all, obey all of his commandments, and we will be blessed.  He literally gave us everything, EVERYTHING and all we have to do is show him a little bit of love!  Obey His commandments, spread His word, be a good person, LOVE. BE MORMON. 

My testimony has grown so much and I have gained a new perspective in the gospel.  My testimony of Jesus Christ grows daily, and I have learned more and more of His sacrifice for us. 

This week, we ate a ton of tortillas, cereal, and worked a lot.  Ha-ha I eat soooo much cereal, it’s awesome!!  We work hard every day and every day I have the strength to do it.  I still hate waking up early, but I do it.  I don’t really like exercising in the morning, but I do it, and I can feel the benefits of it!

Keep doing things that make you happy, to keep your mind occupied, keep being good people, keep smiling in the face of the adversary, because he doesn’t have any power of you!! Keep on keeping on! 

I love you all so much, I feel swelled with the spirit and I feel so much joy as I write this because I know I am surrounded by amazing family, the gospel, God, Jesus Christ, and the spirit, that’s all I need. I will continue this way and it will just get better. 

I love you all so so much.

Elder Galbraith 

My friend, Elder Cardenas and me (with my suit coat on)

My first district

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