Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Life is Killer here in Mexico!

Life is killer here in Mexico! 
I love it actually, I am really enjoying the mish, some times are harder than others but life is great here. 

I got a package from Patricia, Greg and Bella, full of treats, ties, and toys, me and my comp are enjoying them wonderfully! Patricia, Greg and Bella are awesome! Love you guys! I just left the offices in Chalco and they called me again and said I have another one! You guys are awesome and take such good care of me!!

This week was RIGHTEOUS! haha! But really! We had two church tours with investigators and one was on Saturday and she came to church the next day! Her name is Isabel! And she came to church! I am so so happy! She has one son named Felipe and he is only 7, they’re very good people! 

We are finding a lot of people to teach and we are becoming very successful here, I am loving it!  We contact 20 people daily! and total this week we contacted 133 people! We keep pushing on! We are filling this part of the world with the gospel! I feel like almost everyone knows the Mormons, mostly because I am white... and they all call me guero, which means, white boy, or white man. haha whatever! As long as they know who the Mormons are!! 

Something very powerful I learned this week is that no matter what, we have no excuses. We can make them, and we can use them, but overall they won’t have affect when we stand in front of Jesus Christ.  We have many ways to share the gospel and we have many different ways to do so. We also have many ways to magnify our callings, our power, and our responsibilities. Really we are so blessed, we have so many blessings and when times are tough, we have the opportunity to say all is well instead of why me.  I have learned that when it’s rough, or when it’s hard, it’s really only for a little bit, and we learn a lot. 

We are so blessed we have no idea. I read an article in a Liahona magazine that says people often say I am so glad I didn’t have to live in the time of the pioneers but have you ever thought if they could see this age if they would say the same.  We have many reason to be happy in this world, we need to praise God and give thanks even when times are hard, even when it just plain sucks, because we know there is something more powerful and a lot bigger than us after this life. 

My Comp Elder Camacho and me in our Casa
 I had a couple days this week when I was feeling kinda lazy and not really all that excited to work, but I put myself on my knees a lot and prayed for what i needed and what i could do better, and what i got was a list of things i have to remember and to do to be successful and to have the spirit, and that’s exactly what I am doing. I feel very strong and very excited now, some days are still harder than others but I feel tons better, and my Comp Elder Camacho, is more of a friend than a comp and he helps me a ton! 

I know that my mission, it has to be right now, my only baptism, Maria de la paz, has told me many times that she shut her door in countless missionaries faces, and when we talked to her she felt different, power of God right?  This work is amazing, I feel so happy, even when I am mad, it’s weird to describe.  I can’t speak in English anymore, it’s like hard!  I talk Spanish 24/7 with Elder Camacho, and English is almost a thing of the past for me.   It will be funny to hear me speak someday for you guys. 

I love you guys all so so much and I am grateful for all the goodies and packages. I will never deny cookies or snacks, those keep this guy going!!! 

Thank you guys all so much, everything you do helps, prayers, packages, letters, or simply support.  You guys keep me going, and keep me happy, 

Remember to SMILE!! And be happy! 

Elder Galbraith 

We saw a drunk cat!

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