Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maria Got Baptized!!

This week was good, we baptized Maria de La Paz, or I should say I did, The bishop was supposed to do it but he got sick or something and couldn't come so the responsibility fell to me, I said the prayer perfect BOTH times but the first time she went all stiff and I couldn't get her under the water all the way, so I had to do it twice! But it was all good! 

I had to wear a jumpsuit because nobody here plans and everything is last minute. We never have time for anything... but it was seriously an amazing experience! I am so happy for her, and she has already read half the BOM!  She's gonna be great! 

Elder Parker is indeed going home, and I am gonna have a new companion.  Who knows who, but I just hope that I get along with him. It will be good to have a change though, it’s still different living with someone 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  I'm still finding ways to work through it.  The Lord helps me out so, so much.  It’s a miracle.  I will be glad to finally have a companion that isn't always talking about going home. Today was sad though because everyone is saying goodbye to Elder Parker and he probably will never see some of them again. 

Our investigators are good, progressing slowly, but progressing nonetheless. I have felt the Lord having my back a lot lately and it makes it so much easier than if I was just here winging it. 

Interesting tidbit, one of the elders in my district dyed his hair orange... So that was weird.  Saw a dead cat... or 3!

My Spanish is coming along very well, I had an interview with Pres Crickmore.  He told me I am such a blessing and that I WILL be a leader someday, but I have to be worthy. He also told me that my Spanish is amazing and a lot of other things that were good, but it's all thanks to Heavenly father who is preparing me for something big!

Onward I go in the mission life. My life is good.  The Lord loves me, He loves you and He loves everyone. We just need to remember that. 

I don't have all the time in the world but I love you all so so much and I pray that you feel the lord's love!

Elder Galbraith

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