Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Good ol Ted keeps on trucking

Well I am just super happy to hear from ya!!
Good ol Ted keeps on trucking ha-ha and I cannot believe how fast the time flies! I saw Santa Claus in the mall today... Crud, I think he’s going to bring me coal.... ha-ha nah just playing!! 

I am happy to be a soldier of the Lord in these times, we work our little bums off but it’s not really work, it’s just service, and I have been doing better in loving it, I talked to a good friend and he gave me some good advice, SMILE. If we want to gain respect of trust, we had better have a smile on our face first! And if we do it, we will see how much better our life will be, and how much happier we can be. I realized I was getting kind of grumpy with the people, but I know that I am better because I have been practicing smiling!! All of you need to smile more! 

Hermana Olivia, Elder G and E Rod
This week was good, Elder Rodriguez and I worked hard, we found 7 new people to visit and found several more potentials, it’s a little difficult to get people to come to church, and unfortunately we have found several people that we need to drop and stop visiting for a time... that’s part of the show but it’s still rough sometimes. 

We had stake conference this week, and our mission leader told us about how some bullying has been going down in the stake, and it was kind of bad so the theme for stake conference was all about that.  We watched some videos and had some of the people from the stake talk and I liked it.  I felt the spirit there, it was soooo peaceful. So don’t bully! 

This week we had another blessing experience. We gave a blessing to the Father of a member and he was in bed super old and super sick.  I just blessed him through the spirit that if it be his time, he would go, and if not then no. 
The next day he passed away. I didn’t feel sad, just a little shocked. He never was a member but I hope that he will make that choice soon. 
The priesthood is real folks; I witness this stuff every day. 
It’s like being on the front lines of the spiritual war, it’s rough but awesome! 

I know that death can be kind of scary but it doesn’t have to be, it’s something that we should prepare for, cause it’s just another step, granted, a giant one but just another glorious part of the magnificent plan that Heavenly Father provides, I sometimes wonder what it will be like but then common sense kicks in, slaps me, and says Geez Ted why the flip are thinking about that??? You’re only 19, and then I usually think, oh yeah, well I’ll think about other stuff then! Ha-ha hopefully I get some smiles form this letter. 

We need to remember how much Heavenly Father loves us, and trust that he will take care of us. And remember through all of this to wear a smile! 

 I will always testify that a 24/7 Mormon is much more successful than those who are only LDS on Sunday, its doesn’t work like that, Jeffrey R Holland said that we need to be ready constantly, we cannot play for the devil and when game time comes expect to suit up for the Savior, that we cannot do, God will not be mocked! Strong words from a strong apostle of God. 

I also have a lot of things to be grateful for, I feel so happy to be in this mission, to have this responsibility, and to carry this power.  Elder Camacho said once that the only other people apart from missionaries called Elder are the Apostles. So we have a huge responsibility here and I want to carry it out. 

I love you so so! 

Elder Galbraith 

We had another day of exercise! 
It was awesome! (I’m tired)
Elder Camacho and I

Elder Yuit, Elder Antonio and I

Elizalde Family and them good ol missionaries 

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