Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween Week

Well this week definitely has flown by! I literally blinked and it passed me like that! That insane, time flies, i don´t really want it to but it is. 

Contacting the natives
I think I have been a little stressed.  We are opening our area, I am training and our numbers aren’t really all that great, and it stresses me out because I really want to contribute to the 100 baptisms goal that we have as a mission every month.  I feel like I am working hard but our numbers don’t really show it all that well.  I have come to realize that numbers aren’t everything. You cannot put a number on a soul, like Jeffrey R  Holland says ¨These are not numbers, not objects, or goals, these are people, living sons and daughters of God and you should treat them as such!¨ So that always excites me.

I have some problems loving the people, the members and our investigators I definitely love, but people in the street and people of other faiths that are not very nice in the street really bug me, and it inhibits my progress to love them, but I am trying!  I am not perfect but by the power of the Atonement of Christ I can be better.  Every day is another opportunity to do better than the day before, and to recognize our faults and to make them strengths.  I pray tons for help, and I can really testify that Jesus Christ loves me, he took my sins and my faults, and I just have to do better.

I only have 7 and a half months and Elder Rodriguez just started and we live with 2 other elders with 22 months and 15 months and they are kind of trunky, and they are kind of lazy and it affects me.  I was a little lazy this week, but I kicked myself in the rear for it, and I talked to my district leader and I know what I have to do to avoid being lazy.  Henry B Eyring said ¨When I am tempted to think that I am done, or that I have completed some hard task and deserve a rest I give myself this rallying cry, He Lives, He suffered for me and if I use his atonement I can be perfected but I have to use it.¨

This week we did work hard, we talked to people in the street, had lessons, invited to baptism and to church, and we are working hard.

Hermana Olivia knitted ties for me and E Rod 
Elder Rodriguez and I get along good now.  I prayed that God could change my heart to help me love Elder Rodriguez and it worked, he is a super cool kid, and I actually do love him. Time is flying by and I really don’t want our time to end.  But its Gods plan, not mine. 

I love my area, I took some pictures, and this week I can send pictures! 
We had to buy gas, the gas ran out... But I paid for it, and we have the best shower in the mission I have heard! It always got hot water!!! YESSSSSSS! 
Spanish is coming along good; I don’t have as much time to study because I am helping E Rod with his English! 

Our champ investigator Marco Antonio came to church this week!! YESSSSSSSSS! That is one dude that I love! 

Oh and by the way, Halloween sucks here in Mexico....
Nothing happened. Nobody even asked me for candy....
They put up some decorations and all that but that’s about it. 
Everyone bakes bread here but nothing much happened, we didn’t even have to go home early! 

Anyways I am not perfect, I struggle here in the mission sometimes, but I pray a lot! I am getting better! God loves me and is patient with me, he loves you too, just remember that, God, in charge of billions of persons and he has time to worry about you, that is love! 

I love you!! 

Elder Galbraith

Our House

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